Police looking for suspects after string of attacks on Kobe homeless men


Police are looking for four youths who they believe may be responsible for a series of attacks on homeless men in Kobe.

Police said Tuesday they received reports that a 62-year-old homeless man had been hit with a sign by a group of four young men near The Port of Kobe just after 2 a.m on Monday, according to TBS.

Shortly afterwards, a 74-year-old homeless man was attacked under similar circumstances. Police say the man sustained a gash to the head that required five stitches.

A nearby security guard said that another attack had taken place around 10 days earlier, TBS reported.

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what are the parents of these kids allowing them to go out at 2am?

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the criminals were probably thinking they're solving issues that their government can't deal with...

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There's nothing I despise more than people who attack the dispossessed - the weak and vulnerable in this world. I can just hear those cowardly thugs laughing as they hit this poor man.

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Must've watched Clockwork Orange

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I hope they catch them too. And soon. As already said, what a bunch of cowards to gang up on one older person. Sickening.

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They'll get theirs one day.

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Oh no, not the parents' fault again...heh

It's time "youths" were held accountable for their own behavior. And youth does not always mean 14 or 15 yrs old. A 21 yr old is youth too.

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Well, most of us are agreed. Hope the little thugs get a good beating of their own and a some jail time for desert.

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I hope one of the homeless guys pulls a knife on them and cuts them bad, so bad that their parents can even recognize them. When the police turn up to the scene they have to vomit at the sheer horror laid out in front of them. I hope that their last few minutes will be in immense pain and fear as the homeless exact their revenge. Cut them, cut them bad, cut them well.

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homeless guys shouldn't be on the streets at 2 am.

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Catch them at the milk bar.

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probably youth gang members like before

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I've seen these rowdies harrasing a homeless "kojiki" near Toshima was about 5 of them on one. I've never seen a one on one why is it always 3 or more against one? those types of ratios are never fair..but it always is the case....very punktified..... .man up and go one on one and then see what happens for a change...

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Zen student -- right on. I find nothing lower in human nature than debasing and harming fellow humans who are weak and dispossessed. And for no gain! Shame on these kids and anyone who led them to this.

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Well, just get a cop to go 'undercover' as a homeless guy and hang around the parks in Kobe (with others not far off). If it's this common, it'll only be a matter of time before the kids come around. Then they can nail them.

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there are incidents of this sort in the usa, too.

what kinds of values underpin the disposition to act in such a criminal manner?

maybe these delusional sociopathic (and psychopathic) youth would have jobs if the economy was better--maybe the homeless wouldn't be homeless--or maybe their fathers are affiliated with right wing organized crime groups, and have inculcated dispositions conducive to such transgressions.

when you see a delusional group mentality operating in an extremely nihilistic manner, that's trouble squared.

not to demean the suffering of the individual suffering the attack, mind you, but this is a problem that points to more widespread underlying issues that could surface in very unsavory ways in the future if not dealt with appropriately.

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