Police officer arrested for assaulting ex-wife, eldest daughter


A Kanagawa prefectural police officer has been arrested on suspicion of assaulting his ex-wife and eldest daughter.

According to police, Ken Maruko, 44, a sergeant stationed in the traffic division at Kohoku Police Station, got into a heated quarrel with his eldest daughter, 20, over cleaning up her room on April 9, Fuji TV reported. The argument became physical when Maruko slapped his eldest daughter. When his ex-wife, 41, tried to intervene, Maruko grabbed her hair and slapped her. Although the two are divorced, the ex-wife has been residing in Maruko's home.

Maruko has admitted to the charge and was quoted as saying, “I became furious over my daughter’s attitude.”

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This man clearly has anger management issues and yet he still carries a badge. If the police were called to his residence then this needs looked at. Wouldn't want his personal life interfering with his professional.

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He may have anger management issues, but on the flip side, (as we're all speculating here) she may indeed have deserved it. I've seen plenty of 20 year olds, both male and female, who could use a good slap to the face.

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So let me get this straight... a 20 year old cant keep her room clean? Really, how difficult is that to do? Id have slapped her too if she were my daughter. Don't know about the whole pulling the hair and slapping of the ex... but I wouldn't have allowed her to live there anyway if she wasn't my wife.

Perhaps if he slapped her a few times when she was 10, he wouldn't have to slap her now that shes 20.

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Slapping does no good, but then again, it is on tv constantly with cruel comedy and Beat Takeshi taking the lead in issuing out physical punishment.

Quite sad here with this.

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Divorced couples living together is very similar to the married relationship many Japanese have. They sleep in seperate rooms and only have conversations about money.

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Folk talking about deserving a slap is bad enough but this is a man slapping a woman.

When was that ever ok?

And this man is a police officer. If anyone should be able to control his temper it's him.

Wouldn't like to have this guy interview me. He might not like my answers and….

Give me a slap.

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Slapping a woman for bad behaviour in my books is justified, having the "ex" wife free loading after getting divorced is not on he should have pointed her to the door the day the marriage ended. Like other commenters here the daughter is 20 years old if she responsible enough to get her room cleaned or doesn't want to abide by the house rules then she should be moved on just a guess she wasn't disciplined while growing up.

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I have learned to just quit wasting time in those situations. Go for a walk or bike ride. Why talk to deaf ears, basically. And the one commenter, sleep in seperate bedrooms and only talk about money. Not exactly true. I am spoken to about food too. LOL!!!

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There are too many "missing links" to this story... It doesn't say if the daughter is working - which could very well explain why she'd be too tired to do much when she gets home. If she isn't working then, at her age, it's far too late to teach her and it's the parents' own fault for not bringing her up properly... far too late to start "slapping" now... Personally, I would never have wanted to continue living with my ex (I put as many kilometres as possible between him and me...) but not every woman (especially in Japan) can just grab her kid, get up and walk out to find a new place to live - unless of course she still has her own parents to escape to.

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The boys in blue showing there true colors.

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Did the police ring up Maruko's employer ?

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20 years old and still at home. A self starter for sure.

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If you need to slap or hit someone, it simply means you can't think of (or can't be bothered to think of) the right words to use to get that person to do what you'd like him/her to do.

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First of all, I'm glad that nobody is maimed or dead. Half the time that's the outcome from similar stories around here.

The other thing is, certain personalities are attracted to law enforcement (and military) as a career choice.

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Based on comments some people are having hard times with their Japanese wives. A good insight for us still off the hook. Every being has a temper. It takes a great person to work on it and find ways too cool down when things go west. Hitting a woman is just an act of cowardice. He may have gotten an erection afterwards.

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Cracaphat is right. What's the point of "divorcing" if you're still living together? Notice it says arrested, not charged or jailed. All that means is his coworkers were obligated to bring him to the local koban, and I bet he went home shortly afterward. If it even goes to court (which I doubt) the judge will see it as a "family problem" and will of course give a suspended sentence.

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'his' house may well be the one they both raised a family in - ie he went out to work, she stayed home to work. But somehow she ends up the lodger.

Probably the wife can't afford to move out, or can't get a guarantor in order to. This is not uncommon.

Also, living at home at twenty is perfectly normal in Japan, especially if the daughter is at college, but even if she's working.

There is no reason, excuse, justification for violence.

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feelin the love.

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Police officer. A sigil of Justice and Decency of the society. Assault... I bet there worse places... I bet there are... there are...

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I wonder what he found in her room to make him that angry...

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I wonder what he found in her room to make him that angry...

No pantsu - he's a police officer

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