Police officer arrested for filming up girl's skirt


A 25-year-old Ibaraki police officer has been arrested on suspicion of using a miniature camera to film up a teenage girl's skirt.

According to police, the incident occurred at around 12:25 p.m. Saturday in Koshigaya, Saitama Prefecture. Fuji TV reported that the suspect, Daisuke Tobita, is stationed in Ushiku, Ibaraki Prefecture, but had the day off on Saturday.

Police said Tobita had the tiny camera in a bag and walked behind the girl as she was shopping with her parents in the AEON LakeTown mall. The girl's father noticed something odd and stopped Tobita.

Police said Tobita has admitted to the charge.

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Not another police officer filming up a girl's skirt?? Maybe he was looking for a suspect?!!

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No doubt that there was some suspicious activity going on up there earlier.

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What is this act doing for the police?, how can any one have confidence in the police? this act just undermines any confidence that the general public has in the police.

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The girl’s father noticed something odd and stopped Tobita.

So, will he get a three month pay cut as penalty, or will he be fired and go onto the 'non-existent' sex offender's list for sex offenses against minors?

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I'm also a father and have a daughter and the million dollar question is, how do you get a creep like that off the streets if he's a cop, particularly if you are a foreigner? So many cops think they are above the law, untouchable and it's scary. I always tell my kids to stay far away from cops because, I'm just a extremely cautious person knowing that these people can do what they want and get away with practically anything. It's scary.

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Now now. Let's not start jumping on the ''police'' and ''Saitama'' bandwagon. While I have no love for the blue meanies, wherever in the world they are, we shouldn't tarnish them all with the same brush. At least in Japan the John laws don't stop you and demand a bribe, like in some countries. Yes, I'm sure some of them go on a power trip and think they can get away with anything. Most police officers are on the straight and narrow. Just as most catholic priests are, I'm sure. It only takes a few rotten apples. Why is this even news? My question is, was Tobita in or out of uniform at the time of the incident?

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lolozo79: "Why is this even news?"

ummm... because it's a person who is meant to protect society and its people perpetrating crimes? You think it is something not worthy of being reported -- you know, just a dude filming up a little girl's skirt... no biggie? Forget that it's someone who more than others should be upholding the law?

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Surprised most girls aren't wearing shorts under the skirts to deter these creepos by now. I think the reason that this doesn't happen as much in the US or Canada is that most girls here wear pants rather than skirts. I'm sure we have just as many creepos. That being said, one shouldn't have to change their style of dress just to get rid of these people.

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Yeah, I get where you're coming from Smith. But my point was that we're fed news about errant cops and academics doing heinous things, ad nauseam...... Those in authority act irresponsibly sometimes. Just like other humans. I get it. And while I would never condone Tobita's disgusting antics, I'll play devil's advocate. At 25, this guy probably felt either frustrated that law enforcement wasn't all it was cracked up to be, or he really is a scumbag with no morals. Maybe both. Power corrupts. My point being, police are not saints. Upskirt hentai behavior happens all the time, whether by the police or not.

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lolozo79: "Just like other humans."

True, but their supposed to be the ones UPHOLDING the law, not breaking it. THAT is why it is news as opposed to some regular Joe Tanaka doing it -- the fact that it is an officer of the law, on or off duty, makes it all the more heinous. And yes, we are often fed news stories about the police doing this or worse, but I'd rather often see it in the news that it be so much more common place it stops making headlines, or that we should ignore it for some reason.

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lolozo79: "Just like other humans." He's human, but one bestowed with a greater responsibility/power (he swore to defend and uphold the laws), to those whom more is given ( responsibility e.t.c)more is required of them. His punishment must be heavier to match.

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When I was in my teens and twenties, getting some was a focal point, but never involved lenses. Actually getting some isn't difficult.

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@cognito. Fair enough. But then by that rationale, if Prime Minister Abe were arrested for shoplifting, he should get a 20 year sentence because he has ''greater responsibility''? My point being, we should not treat those who have a moral responsibility as somehow ''above us''. Tobita should be treated the same as anybody else, and punished accordingly.

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@lolozo79 Actually the law already provides for different penalties for different people. For example, for a certain crime, one may be punishable by UP TO five years in prison. During sentencing, the judge may decide to put someone in prison for one year, five years, or not at all. A good judge will take an account the guilty person's situation and render judgment accordingly. That should include that person's motive, criminal history, occupation in some cases, and social responsibilities to name a few.

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He is a police officer right? I want him to once again think about what the tiny cameras are originally for. Oh, unfortunately, he will not be able to use that camera for any appropriate purposes as an police officer since he's got arrested.

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Obviously I condemn this behaviour, but why is that happening so often? Most likely 100-1000 times a days in Tokyo subway? (one guy identified here and there) but this fantasme is engrained in every commuting men. Maybe better control of the Japanese "comics" and more women uniform than baby dolls super short mini (not my preferred choice).

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Agree with the last poster - there is something fundermentally wrong with a society when people, young girls in particular, are vulnerable on trains and escalators.... and the icing on the cake is that in this case, the perp is a guy who is charged with protecting these people ...

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I always wonder how it goes down when these guys are stopped. Did the father grab the guy and pin him down until the cops came? I mean he could have easily gotten away if he wanted to and I thought cops, especially young ones that went through police training, are athletic enough to run or overpower someone.

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Having just read the article about the police relaxing the upper-age limit for joining up, one can only hope added a question about the above. Is photography among your hobbies? Anything particular you fancy videotaping?

By the way, as someone struck by the regular appearance of Saitama in crime news, I just Googled crime rates by pref and this guy has translated some of the most recent data, as compiled by the city of Yokohama. Doesn't break it down by category but clearly Saitama is well down the list, safer than many of the cities most of us live in no doubt.

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Police officer arrested for filming up girl's skirt

Arrested, brought to the station, laughed at, joked with, chotto ippai, gone home after a gentle ribbing from his comrades

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Dan Lewis:

True, but in civil law countries (as opposed to common law countries, such as the US and Canada) the law/administrative code is more exacting giving judges less leeway. Further, judicial activism is less prominent in the countries I am aware of with civil law (judges can't interpret outside the scope of the wording - if person did something outside the scope of the law, the judge can't hold him accountable and has to let him go, the media would then pressure the legislature to amend the law (how its meant to be in civil law).

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I dare you to run the story about his suspended and 10% pay reduction for three months.

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Not another one. Well, his victim, and society, can take comfort in the fact that he will be sacked from his job and locked up in prison, then put on the sex offenders register. No, wait - I mean he'll have his wrist slapped and a bit of wages taken off him and there will still be no nonce register.

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What a tool. Just look. Don't film.

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Is this some kind of untold initiation for J-cops? This happens far too often.

Just a casual day off and filming up some skirts.

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How he was caught? security camera Punishment? School; board fires him. First then enter ails to. waittria He confessed so smooth trial

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Seriously? What was the officer's endgame here? I'd like to see how this one plays out. Because a few months ago there was a similar story where a random guy got caught doing the same thing and was arrested and put in jail for some time with a huge fine. I'd like to hear the outcome of this please when available.

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Ah well, at least we made it till Feb this year..

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Why don't these losers just put an add on line that they would like to take up skirt pictures and will pay?

I bet they would find a lot of takers that like men to see up their skirts as a titillating thing, and to make some extra cash.

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@juminRhee:You wrote. Most girls are not wearing short under skirt .... How do you know ? Have you been checking under skirt all the timee? Did you get caught before? or you simply trying to blame victim?

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Toshiko: Please read my entire comment. This is how it ends - "That being said, one shouldn't have to change their style of dress just to get rid of these people."

And no, I don't look. You don't need to, its called knowing the style. I know most women wear bras, that doesn't mean I am peering down their shirts, its just social knowledge. Cheers :)

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Where's the resident JT J-cops supporter Cleo on this thread? Always noticeable by her absence whenever one of her beloved boys in blue is busted.

My comment to be deleted shortly, no doubt.

Moderator: The police need the support of every decent member of the community. Please give that some thought.

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Why is this even news?

The police filming up girl's skirt or stealing underwear stories receive plenty of comments and responses. Readers read and respond to these more than something about Abe doing this or that. JAPANTODAY gives what its readers want.

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"A 25-year-old Ibaraki police officer has been arrested on suspicion of using a miniature camera to film up a teenage girl’s skirt.

using a miniature camera.....good darwin award here.

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Did he catch the moment when he got caught and arrested on his mini cam, I would like to see THAT and nothing else, that would be funny!

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