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Police officer who died in 2017 suspected of stealing more than ¥85 mil from safe


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He had returned tens of millions of yen borrowed from colleagues and others for gambling, but it was not known how he obtained the money.

Err. And the investigation into police officers who apparently admitted to gambling with colleagues leading to tens of millions of yen in debt lead to which charges exactly?

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Right now lets see.

They have deduced that he is male and an inspector, they don't know his name,

The male officer in his 30s, who held the rank of inspector.

He is suspected of stealing the money, but they don't how he obtained it.

but it was not known how he obtained the money.

He stole the money from the police office, but individual policemen have to repay it.

decided to collect money from officers to cover the loss

He died in his house but they don't know how he died.

the cause of his death remains unknown,

He borrow tens of millions and was not held to prevent him from destroying evidence.

He had returned tens of millions of yen borrowed from colleagues and others for gambling.

He was free to destroy evidence from May till September. That's four months.

He died in September 2017. That's 1 year and 4 months ago.

Will any heads at the Hiroshima Chuo Police Station roll?

No way.

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Sure, blame it on the dead guy.

But they still have no evidence at all it was him. They clearly have lousy security. Also, just because you pay off your debts, it does not make you a thief.

Still, the most amazing part of this story is that all the cops said they would give money in order to cover the missing sum.

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Seems he missed paying back a few people because his death is still a mystery.

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Sounds like a bunch of dirty cops to me..

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There's as many bad cops as good. It's an ongoing investigation combined with intense speculation. As usual, we don't know the full details.

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The Hiroshima prefectural police have already decided to collect money from officers to cover the loss suffered by the fraud victims as a result of the theft.

Money is stolen from a safe in a police station. An officer heavily indebted to his colleagues from gambling suddenly repays those debts. The lenders accept repayment without question. Hmmm . . . Keystone Cops got caught committing crime in HQ.

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How convenient!

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This is too frigging hilarious...……...another event/story in the world of the keystone cops!!

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A dishonest copper? Surely not!

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I am wondering would if the Yaks are behind this, as the allegedly controlled slot places so if he got in to dept, they could be controlling him, and also if vital evidence has gone missing could this be in there favour? ( allegedly) if this was the case they could be exploiting him for there gain. so has he committed the big S or has his time come to and end with the yaks, could they have anything to do with his death? this is total speculation on my behalf as I could be totally wrong.

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Police suspect an officer found dead in 2017 stole about 85.72 million yen in cash from a safe at a police station

He's dead already! Unless they intend to serve him a new warrant, why is this newsworthy? Its like beating a dead stick with a horse! It makes no sense.

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