Police questioning people involved in online uranium sale in Japan


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Not a good idea.

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Yahoo with controls the ads?

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Gotta love the speed by which the Japanese authorities operate.

The Nuclear Regulation Authority notified police of the sale in January last year after finding the advertisement in November 2017.

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Maybe they needed to use their old Geiger counters to find these guys… change the batteries, dust them off, see if they still worked… :)  

No mention of where the material originated or what the volume was…

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Only took a year to act. And now they are just questioning them voluntarily. Wow.

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Plenty of radioactive material in Japan that allowed a drone operator to land a quantity of it on Shinzo Abe’s roof....

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The penalty is so low that it must make it worth the risk.

To hell with the consequences for the rest of humanity, I guess.

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Lead as well as glass I presume

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The powder was enclosed in a glass tube and put on sale under the name of "Uranium 99.9%" at a Yahoo online auction website.

Haven't these dummies heard of the black market? Or some dimly lit parking lot to do their stupid action?

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