Police release CCTV images of missing Shimane woman


Police in Shimane Prefecture have released what they believe to be the last known CCTV images of a 26-year-old Matsue woman who went missing at the end of last month.

The woman, who has been named as Sachiko Kashiwagi, a restaurant waitress, went missing on Sept 27. Police say they have no leads so far, and are hoping the CCTV footage will result in someone from the public coming forward with information, TBS reported Wednesday.

The security camera footage shows a woman believed to be Kashiwagi taken at 1:46 a.m. after she finished her shift at the restaurant where she worked. The video shows Kashiwagi leaving the premises with a male customer. She is then seen heading to her car in the restaurant car park, while the man leaves the frame in a different direction. Another security camera filmed her car leaving the car park eight minutes later and heading in the opposite direction to her apartment.

Police say Kashiwagi has not been seen since and are urging the public to contact them with any information they feel may be relevant, but so far no leads have turned up.

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Anyway JT can post a pic or the video footage?

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Have they found her car, at least?

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Just hope and pray this has nothing to do with the last woman who was found in pieces near there all over a mountainside. They never caught the creep.

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So where are the pictures?

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Here's a link -!

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Not much to see on the video, I doubt it helps.

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why dont they release pictures earlier? doesnt anybody watch CSI or Law and Order? the first few days are CRUCIAL.

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The most infamous killer in Japan post WWII Lives in Kure city Hiroshima and is 32 years old right now. The girl killed 2 years ago had him written all over it. This ... She is a similar type of age weight and height....and location. Unless he stopped trying to taunt the authorities by leaving pieces everywhere this seems to be different. Unless the cops are not sharing info which would be unsurprising. The car...that is huge.

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