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Police report over 30,000 children abused in 1st half of 2017


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Very interesting numbers. I'm gonna puke.

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This is deplorable. My home town had a population of 30,000!

The longer you stay here and scratch the surface, the darker it gets.

18 years for me. Japan is far from being the kind, gentle and polite place it portrays to the outside world.

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Outwardly Japan is an amazingly honest and hardworking country... but like the previous poster says, scratch the surface and you'll fine it can be quite cancerous. Also, as the article mentions, new public awareness accounts for the increase in numbers... because the numbers were always there. Same goes for incidents of Rape... people were not reporting it before. And yet, you turn on the TV... many variety shows extol the greatness and beauty of Japan or they report on life in foreign countries. I don't think I've ever seen a serious domestic documentary or program regarding divorce, bullying, abuse, rape, poverty or crime... when they all exist in large numbers.

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I agree these numbers are disgusting. They are equally disgusting in other countries as well. These problems are in no way unique to Japan.

I have been here about 2 decades. I do not have any illusions that Japan is some sort of utopia and there are several unique societal problems here. However I do not believe the incidence rate of child abuse exceeds other nations.

@Saiko - I have seen domestic documentaries about bullying, abuse and poverty but not about rape and crime.

My major issue is the exploitation of young girls/women and the over-emphasis on "cuteness" or subtle sexuality. This has gotten slightly better in the 2 decades I have been here but there is still alot of work to do. Also I see progress regarding bullying, but it is painfully slow.

I think things are changing in Japan but the rate of change is much slower than what we may see in our countries of citizenship.

It is good to see these numbers are reported and let's hope something is done to further raise awareness.

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This number comes as no surprise when you read the news here.

I would like to know however what constitutes as abuse? When I was young I was slapped on the wrist or spanked as a form of discipline, im sure that will count as abuse nowadays. Not taking away the severity of the numbers though.

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And here my wife and I are trying to adopt one of these children who fell through the cracks to place them in our nurturing and loving home, but Japan makes it extra super mega difficult to adopt.

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How many of the boys suffered sexual abuse, and who were the common perpetrators?

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i'm really tired of some posters who believe that japan has tricked them, and the world, about being "safe." japan is inhabited by actual human beings, not made up anime figures or cartoons. humanity can be dark at times, and these cases prove it. but it is your fault for assuming that crime doesn't exist in japan. it does, but still on a far more lower level than other countries. so spread the word, folks: japan is not a perfect country.

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Absolutely SICKENING!!!

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I would like to know however what constitutes as abuse?

It's pretty much explicit in the article.

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including verbal violence

what is verbal violence

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