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Police say they searched alleged Chinese overseas police base in Tokyo last year


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"...had been handling renewal procedures for Chinese driver's licenses for Chinese residents in Japan..."

Nice! I wish my provincial Canadian government set up an office in Tokyo (!) so I could renew my Canadian driver's licence ( which I couldnt use anyway, since I'm a resident of Japan and therefore need to have a Japanese DL, LOL)

Yeah, nothing suspicious going on.

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The Spanish report would be much shorter if they focused on countries that don’t have any such bases.

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The older woman is suspected of falsely claiming in July 2020 that her sex-related business in Nagano Prefecture, central Japan, was a chiropractic clinic run by the woman from Sumida Ward in order to receive 1 million yen in COVID-19 relief funds from the government.

No "happy ending" this time.

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And all the Japanese police could find is misappropriation of Covid funding and prostitution?

How hard did they look?

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The Chinese government, however, has denied the existence of such bases.

If Beijing officially denies their existence, I guess the home country's law enforcement can take action to eliminate these extraterritorial police units without China fussing about it. Just my hawkish mind thinking here, these "police" units can easily go from "policing" overseas Chinese in their area of operation to taking direct action against the local population or even against the local government.

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Police capturing other police officers? Shouldn't they cooperate?

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Safeguard Defenders

Funded by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), the propaganda arm of the CIA. This whole "Chinese Police Stations" story is straight up US State Department fantasy nonsense.

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