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Police set up unit to stop yakuza 'civil war'


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“We are remaining doggedly vigilant to protect them.” now come on and take care of your relatives...

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These 'window dressing' style press releases from the NPA happen once or twice a year, every year. Never a mention of them eradicating the Yaks altogther, is there? Can't stop that gravy train!

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In the 80s the yakuza used the police to wage war on their rivals. In one case, an "anonymous" tip lead the police to arrest a car for speeding and discovered a few pounds of drugs in the trunk. A day later shots were fired at a police station and the police made the assumption Gang A did it based on the getaway car. They raided Gang A's branch office; naturally Gang B did the shooting with a stolen Gang A car.

Bloodbath: 20 people were killed in the 80s gang war; not all were yakuza.

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If the yakuza just killed their own, it would be no problem. However, evidence from the 80s gang war indicates the yakuza are very bad shots. In my little town in Fukuoka, the gangs had a shoot out. Police estimate about 100 shots were fired for about 20 minutes (?). Number wounded: 0. Number killed: 0. Walls hit: Many. Bulldozer blades hit: One. If people had been walking by at the time, I'm sure civilians would've been hit.

So, being the poor shots they are, a gang war will lead to civilian casualties.

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On Monday, the National Police Agency declared that the two groups were in a state of “war against each other” and established a special headquarters to “intensify” their response, Jiji Press reported.

So this "special" unit claims the two groups are in a state of war, civil war, yet no one has died. If Yakuza Was truly in a state of war, I'm sure the "special" unit would have more to comment on besides a few bullet holes in a wall.

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According to Asahi, there have been a string of attacks on Yamaguchi Gumi properties including offices, residences, other structures and vehicles.

Since January this has included at least five instances where vehicles have been crashed into Yamaguchi Gumi property, three instances of Molotov cocktails (火炎瓶), shots fired at Yamaguchi Gumi property at least twice, one incident of Arson, and several other acts of violence.

Here is the timeline (in Japanese): http://www.asahi.com/articles/photo/AS20160304005028.html

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Why does the police play this stupid game? Its like they have nothing to do so allow this BS to go on.... arrest them all, why can't they make being in a crime gang illegal and arrest them all?

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Personally, I don't see why they just don't leave them alone to kill each other. If Yaks want to kill each other, by all means, have at it. As long as it doesn't affect the general public. Its their business.

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Police set up unit to stop yakuza

There, fixed it for ya.

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What actions does this "special" unit is doing? talk the gangs out to stop fighting? It's just a band-aid, they will start fighting again after a few months or so.

They know that this guys are the source of drugs, gambling and prostitution in Japan (which are all illegal). But they all just stand there watching them do their merry ways. At least dig information linking to them and persecuting this gangs. If they want to protect and clean Japan of crime. Cleaning up the Yakuza and other gangs is the first step. This kind of violence will never stop unless the Yakuza is still there. I know its hard but if you want peace, do something about it.

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if you was to remove the yaks totally some one would fill the gap.

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If any civilians are even wounded due to this supposed "civil war", the police had better break up every Yak group and go down hard. I don't think the public is as accommodating to the Yaks today than they were previously

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The police should let the 2 groups of criminals, the yakuza, kill each others. The killing will result in less criminals to threaten the public and the police. Japan will become a safer place to live as a result. What is wrong with that ? I suspect some leaders in the police force are on the payroll of the yakuza.

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They made being part of a gang or crime syndicate illegal a few years ago. Why don't they just round them all up and throw them in the pen? I've always been puzzled as to why the Japanese police talk so hard against the Yaks, but their action is very soft. I can only conclude they are either on the take or they are afraid of the Yaks.

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Round up all yakuza, mafia, finks, comancheros, etc - drop them on a deserted island and let them have it out. Hopefully it can lead to their demise.

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The Yakuza set up the LDP in the mid 1950s didnt they? Both are part of the furniture in Japan and will be around long after we have gone. The police exist to keep this status quo but have to make obligatory noises from time to time as do the media. Is all good. Kampai!

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I can see it now, in the future news:

Japan to implement JEMA camps, as mega calamities, NK strikes, food shortages, mass unrest, and gang wars spill over into public places. J-passports will be confiscated, implementation of national curfews, and military police will control the country. Abe to remain in office indefinitely.

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"The split in Japan’s biggest organised crime, or yakuza, organisation has prompted police warnings of a possible repeat of a 1980s gangland bloodbath."

Define "bloodbath."

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Is there a Japanese Elliot Ness? If we were to be sure no civilians casualties , then the cops could just sit back and let the gangs take care of their own.

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Let YamaguchiGumi kill each other to reduce percent of uneducated stupid down.

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After the Yakuza, bring down the other crime syndicates. If they can bring down the Yakuza they could do it to others as well. I know its hard but if the government has the will to do it, they can. The problem is a lot of politicians are connected to the crime syndicates themselves. That's why they cant be brought down easily.

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Like Chicago in the 20's. I am shakin in my booties.

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Takahashi Kitano's next movie will be based on this topic.

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With all this classic J-confusion in full swing why not have the keystones take down all these yakuza groups, its a perfect chance to rid Japan of these parasites.

Lets face while they runs drug & sex business the biggie is all the bid rigging etc related to construction & other related business, bust all the yaks & the costs to Japan should come down significantly, think of it as tax CUTS!!!

But alas the keystones will likely mostly watch & do the odd two step & then back to the wall to watch & the country will continue to let these parasites such the entire country dry, I mean just try to imagine how much the yakuza are making on 3/11...............the amounts have got to be truly staggering!!!

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The incident came after police arrested a 40-year-old gangster on suspicion that a truck he drove careened into another parked in front of the office on Saturday.

I think you mean "suspicion that he was driving a truck which careened into another"? Was there any question that one truck smashed into another?

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Had trouble between the two groups today not 500 meters away. Cant they just go to a field and have a head on is is that too direct. Locals are worried and think it will kick off soon...

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intensity intensifies

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The police should stay out of it and let the two groups slug it out. And of course clamp down on both of them if outsiders are killed.

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Civil war because only YamaguchiGumi members are fighting YamaguchiGumi is finally targeted by police. each other. It took so long but Japanese people including other yakuza must be glad the notorious violence first

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Citizen, this is a specialized unit on yamaguchigumi members. It needs different type experience than robbery and or manbiki catcher cops.

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The Japanese Yakuza do have a big competiton triads and other Asian, Me and African mafia.

Which would you prefer if the Yakuza Disappear?

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Triads are strong in Japan, I get accosted by many Chinese and many live in myn neighbourhood and we tensd to talk. Ditto for local ME groups or 'ex-russain' groups who contact me to become legal.

I refuse to deal the ME groups as they don't give and want it their ways. Hurts me as they need help but i can't provide it.

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misunderst please notify the authority the type and name of y business including names of wakashu and locations where they operate.

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Police set up unit

Well, the police is already a unit setup to fight the crime, why don't they just do their duty.

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The Yaks, make money so as long as they are in business the large corporations will continue to stay in business and the government can continue to collect the booty TAXES!

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Triads have language problems and they failed in Japan Sicilian Mafias never tried Japan even though with omerta oath. BTW Maia is people from sisk,ly only. They don't speak any African lingo.

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The article mentions "But overall Japan is known for its peaceful society and low crime rates while strict firearm control laws make gun violence extremely rare" and there is some truth, it doesn't take into account the many knives and people killed in this peaceful society that the crimes committed by knives is not low at all.

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Why is Japan so safe? Police and yaks and community groups and no guns. They are part of the formula. If you don't do anything wrong, or don't go to dodgy places, Japan is still the safest place in the world. Just...don't go the dark side.

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Cool. They should make another Yakuza flick. Black Rain 2, LoL. "Graveyard of Honor" was a better yak flick. Yak flicks are cool.

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