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Police standoff with man threatening to commit suicide ends after 16 hours


An armed man who held police at bay in Iwata, Shizuoka Prefecture, for 16 hours while he threatened to commit suicide, surrendered on Wednesday morning.

According to police, the drama started at around 4:30 p.m. Tuesday when a man standing at the edge of the Tenryu River called out to a police officer, saying he wanted to talk to him about something. NTV reported that when the officer approached him, the man pulled out a handgun and fired it into the ground.

The man, who identified himself as Hideyuki Terada, 45, of no fixed address, crouched on the ground and threatened to kill himself if anyone approached him.

As a precaution, police asked about 100 nearby residents to stay in their homes as the standoff continued throughout the night.

Shortly after 8 a.m. Wednesday, Terada surrendered and was charged with illegal possession of a firearm.

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I'm glad it ended without any injury. Perhaps, he can get the help he needs.

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Glad that he did not hurt any one ...

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Where did he get the handgun?

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So did the officer fire the hand gun into the ground or the man?

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He needs help but should also be billed for the services the police provided. The police could have likely been used somewhere else for someone who really needs help such as a rescue situation or someone who is being harmed by someone else. Help for him is in order here.

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Where does a homeles person get a hand gun? Don't the police have none lethal means to end the situation? Wearing him down with 16 hours of talks is none lethal tactic but not great for those who live near by. No deaths so all is good.

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Don't the police have none lethal means to end the situation?

Seems like they did and it seems to have worked out.

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Former yak most likely.

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It doesn't specifically say he was homeless just of no fixed address. I would also be interested to know how he got the gun.

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No fixed address would suggest by implication that he had no home? Thus homeless.

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@Cricky That's not an unreasonable assumption, but FWIW I've seen the "no fixed address" applied to guys who are itinerant construction workers, living in prefab, temporary company dormitories on or near the construction site, moving on from one site to the next as the jobs require. I've often wondered what they do about a juminhyo.

I'm not saying that's the case with this guy, but it's a possible alternative to his being homeless in the vagrant sense (not to imply that all homeless are vagrants, since that's also not the case).

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