Police report suspected abuse of record-high 65,431 minors in 2017


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Not good for a society that likes to pride itself on being "safe".

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The number of children suspected to have been psychologically abused rose 24.9 percent to 46,439, accounting for 71 percent of the total. Of them, 30,085 witnessed domestic spousal violence, which is classed in Japan as a form of psychological abuse along with other types directed at the child such as abusive language.

Physical abuse was suspected for 12,343 children, up 10.6 percent, neglect for 6,398 children, up 13.7 percent, and sexual abuse for 251 children, unchanged from the previous year.

My wife and I have been trying to adopt/foster a child into our family to take these children out of this situation and be placed in a loving and safe environment, but its down near impossible to adopt a child in Japan. The gov't systematically makes sure these abused children STAY in the facilities rather than be given a second chance at family life and heal. A lot must be done to help these children and stiffer fines for the abusers to try to stop this and lower these numbers and insanely high percentages.

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Alfie Noakes

This is so true. I've been to the facilities and I was on the brink of tears. 4-5 (pre-teen) kids to a small 8 tatami room, 3 story high fences, timed showers, over crowding, fighting and timed play time. You'd think I'm talking about a prison, but this was an "adoption facility". The Gov't would take these babies and children out of unsafe conditions only to put them in a place where they have no place to flourish as children.

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An agency official put the increase down to "heightened social awareness" among citizens

So, the number of reported cases has been increasing by 20% every year since 2004 because more people are reporting the abuse. You have to wonder what percentage still goes unreported. I think the point is that it's not so much that more people are reporting it, it's more a case of people are becoming more aware of what constitutes child abuse. I've seen some horribly malicious attacks on children by parents in public, so I have to wonder what goes on behind closed doors. The most sickening and maddening one I've seen was a woman sitting on the train and she pinched a large grab of skin on her 8-year-old daughter's thigh and twisted until the kid screamed and started crying. This was just because the kid was swinging her leg. It was just malicious and mean. I've also seen many head smacks in public. I saw one woman knock her 10-year old son to the ground at the train station because he wanted a drink and was bugging her while she was affixed on her phone screen. Another time I saw a father smack his teenage son on the top of the head in a restaurant. He hit the kid so hard that it nearly knocked him out. That is just a few of the horrible things I've seen parents do to their kids in Japan. Japan may well have a high mortality rate for children, but you have to wonder about the quality of life these kids are brought into.

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As somebody who studied child psychology and somebody who has lots of experience monitoring the effects of radiation. I would like to tell people who are seriously concerned to check out on the internet the effects of low-dose radiation on the general population. There may be a clue there.

Another clue would be the political policy of the ldp which has impacted family life and the cost of living to such a stage that people have so much stress

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They need to get to the root cause of this issue and it all falls back to the inhumane working hours and pathetically low salaries. This is the driving contributor to child abuse.

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