Police to launch investigation headquarters for cryptocurrency theft


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I keep saying it... I'll bet this was a Yakuza heist. They get friendly with an employee and they then put the squeeze on him/her. The Japanese Yakuza have a Hi-Tech Financial arm and this is what they do.

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I'm guessing these fellas are gonna be getting quite busy over the coming month/years.


I think my money would be safer if I left on a train seat with a note attached that said..."take me, I'm yours"

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It's funny... The NEM foundation could fork the chain, and return the coins, but then the centralized nature of this coin would become apparent and the value would drop to nothing anyway...

They don't make good choices, and in the end they will become an anchor that drags the whole thing down. Look into the initial distribution of coins where hundreds of people were left out. This team is no stranger to making bad decisions.

Stay away from NEM, and don't trust anything they say. They are snakes.

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As usual J police investigate after the crime not before.

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But even if what the Yakuza squeezing them they should not keep keep funds in an online (hot) wallet. Not keep them in ONE wallet. There are so many things they did wrong it's not even funny. 15 year old Jonny from bumtown nowhere in the USA with 1000$ in cryptocurreny has better security just by hiding his Ledger Nano with his porn stash USB drives. Nice Hash made the EXACT same mistake months before this heist, it never registered with Coincheck that it could happen to them too, and they were holding 10 times the money. Yakuza or not. Inside job or not. It is amateur hour at Coincheck. Use hardware wallets. Lock those in a safe, one guy has that combo/key. Another guy has the password for the wallets. Another guy has the password for the transfers. There you just added 3 layers of security, which was more than their zero. Nice hash bascily did this after the hack. They had everything automated with no humans saying okay in the transfers. Now every transfer must be verified by two humans.

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Coincheck are scamming bastards. They have frozen all peoples coins except Bitcoin and refuse to allow you to sell them etc. Ive requested to quit their exchange but they refuse to allow it despite being in their user agreement. There is NOTHING in the agreement about holding onto coins. ONLY that you are allowed to quit.

Their staff ignore you when you make a valid point and they are almost impossible to get on the phone.

The FSA in Japan is basically useless. They wont really do anything about the problem except tell Coincheck to "improve".


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