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Police to raid Novartis over alleged data fabrication


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So, why's the raid reported ahead of time? Doesn't that defeat the purpose?

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agree with lostrune2: hey guys, we're about to raid you, so please hurry up and get rid of all the evidence! is this a manga story or what?

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Paper shredders are going to run nonstop all weekend long.

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Business as usual!

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Just what I thought too.

Doesn't announcing the fact of a raid spoil the element of surprise?

No doubt the shredders are on full blast!

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It's a symbolic gesture to give the allusion that the authorities are on top of things. It's not a "raid" in the Pearl Harbor sense but more of a fact gathering mission. They already have the proof and this is just for effect.

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I think that's the right explanation, but then the next question is, who are all these people dull enough to need this ridiculous artifice--a pre-announced raid--and/or, who are the people dull enough to think they have to put on this farce because people are dull enough to need it?

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What is the point in announcing a plan to raid anybody! A raid is and get information and use it to prosecute said individuals! This should not be leaked by the news or the police it defeats the purpose of the raid!!!!

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thanks for informing them... they they are cleaning things up

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I work in pharma, it is unfortunate but these type of events do happen- novartis will cooperate fully- no paper shredders will be involved. a lot of work has been placed within the industry to ensure internal adherance to business ethics. the key here is university data- an area without the oversite checks of normal clinical data hosted by the company. Universty clinical trials use study drug, study supplies- may or may not supply data to support your trial - but the cost of the trial is paid for normally by government funds. And the data collection scheme is up to the university

Spudmanreincarnated is correct- they have most of the proof- this is the public announcment and they come by to pick up the last of the data needed.

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No short cut in business ethics.

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Such pre-announced "raids" are commonplace. They're a regular feature of the TV news, and only very dim viewers believe that they are anything other than a sort of public performance. The agency conducting the "raid"--in front of camera crews and reporters from most of the media--can appear to be doing something dramatic and effective with their team of cardboard box-laden agents, and the suspects/perpetrators can be shamed publicly. And the visual media have something with which to illustrate their otherwise pretty visually dull story.

@Spudmanreincarnated is quite correct. It is essentially just for effect, and collecting anything that might even peripherally be useful as supporting evidence, since even the slowest-witted government functionaries can figure out that shredders would be used if a real search for critical incriminating evidence were announced in advance. Well, most of them, anyway.

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