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Policeman injured after being dragged along by car of fleeing suspect


A police officer was injured after he was dragged along by a car driven by a man he was questioning in Gifu.

According to police, the incident occurred at around 6:30 p.m. on Saturday. The police officer, 40, approached a man who had been sitting in a car in the parking lot of a convenience store for some time, Fuji TV reported.

The officer asked the driver to step out of the car and the man did so. But he immediately got back in and started to drive off. The officer put his arm through the window of the driver's seat to try and stop the man but his arm got stuck and the car pulled away, dragging the police officer along for about 90 meters before it hit the wall of a house.

The police officer suffered a broken left wrist.

The driver fled the area on foot and is being sought on a charge of attempted murder, police said.

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I hope he wasn't wearing a Rolex.

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A suspect in what??

All they did was hassle a guy for being parked in a convenience store parking lot for "some time".

I had a similar incident happen to me. I pulled into a convenience store with a car tailgating me as I pulled in. That car pulled up next to me. I did not know if they were Yakuza or what. My girlfriend went into the store to use the restroom, etc. and I waited for her in the car. A few minutes later, before she comes back, one of the guys in that car raps on the window and claims to be a cop and asks for ID. I was like, what the hell? So I demanded his ID first and cracked the window to get it. But how would I know a fake ID? I answer some questions, then decide to take a picture of his license plate number just in case. I stepped on the copper's foot getting out. because he refused to back up. Then my girlfriend comes back, bag in hand, and the other guy approaches her and starts asking her questions. I wanted to knock their blocks off at this point. Bothering me, the driver, was one thing. But hassling my GF and passenger was quite another.

So why did they hassle us? Their claim was that I was in the convenience store parking lot in the car while my passenger went into the store, and they claimed it was the MO of some robbers. But if so, should they not be in the store, preventing the robbery and any potential violence?? And was one of the robbers reported to be a White male??

Obviously its all just bull, and these guys are either having a go or they are desperately trying to fill their notebooks up with some sort of quota to please their boss.

So without some sort of probable cause for bothering the man, I say they should shove their attempted murder charge where the sun don't shine. That copper with the broken wrist earned his pain as far as I can tell.

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It's quite ironic that your stage name is Peace Out yet you say the cop earned his broken wrist.

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I have to wonder: Why officer would put his arm on the inside of the escaping vehicle? Did he think in fact he would come to a halt?

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He was probably trying to stop the guy from turning on the ignition but his arm might have got stuck after the guy rolled up the window..

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I had no idea that fake police IDs were such a problem in Japan. Whatever, a routine stop and question escalates into attempted murder. Hope the suspect doesn't have any pressing engagements for the next 5-8 years.

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I had no idea that fake police IDs were such a problem in Japan

@roylance.norton If you did know, you would most likely be dead. This is why I don't like plain clothes cops around, and there are far too many in Japan.

I suppose I should counter that I did not know Japan was so crime ridden, it needed plain clothes cops cracking down on people who dare to sit in the car for any length of time.

It's quite ironic that your stage name is Peace Out yet you say the cop earned his broken wrist.

Maybe I meant it was Karma man!

No. Okay. I am not your standard hippie. I believe in peace, but I also believe attempting to stop a car with one's body without far better reason than suspecting a driver of nothing is more akin to a suicide attempt than attempted murder.

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Stewart Gale: "It's quite ironic that your stage name is Peace Out yet you say the cop earned his broken wrist."

It may well be that "All the world's a stage," but methinks you mean handle or ID, since we're not in the theater. Second, "peace out" is what people say when finishing a comment, email, phone call, or what have you, and perhaps when doing a mic drop for emphasis. In any case, while I don't share Peace Out's statement in regards to the broken wrist, I agree that much was made out of the nothing that led to it. Attempted murder is a ridiculous charge to boot.

I live close to a 7-11 and there are ALWAYS cars parked there with people sitting and talking on cell phones, drinking coffees they bought there or doing something before going in, some truckers go there and take naps, etc. Should they all be questioned on what they are doing to the point they feel the need to flee the situation?

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The problem is the police don't need probable cause in Japan, which causes normal citizens to feel harassed to a point of revolt, more Japanese become political participants and stand up for your rights and then maybe this b.s. by annoying cops who all think they're so cool will go away.

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@smithinjapan: Remember you suggested JT should separately create police crime board? After I read this, the article I think the board can include stories of dumb cop, Was he wearing uniform? If not, anyone will be scared as detectives do not perform street cop duty.

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But he immediately got back in and started to drive off.

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@ nigelboy: Thank you for link. It stated that he tried to escape because he did not wanted to be arrested for not having driver license (Mumenkyo Unten) and he did not intend to murder.

Some people sit in the car and do not drive. Maybe he was sitting on driver's side?

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sounds like pretty incompetent policing to me. i echo comments about satsu here being officious and intrusive. i have been pulled over 3 times by cops for speeding and every time they also get pretty personal with my female passenger. Insist on taking her details and all and once even pretty offensively. In one case one of the satsu subsequently kind of harrassed her by calling three times, once pretty late at night. This Keystone is lucky he escaped with only a broken wrist.

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He was sitting, not driving. I would be scared in same situation. I won'r guess he is a cop Is it a normal procedure for a cop to order people in car sitting to get out of car? The charge is Koumu Shikkp Bogai, etc. pbstruction of public job enforcement. .

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No sympathy for the cop whatsoever. I do have A LOT of sympathy for Peace Out. I think I would have handled it a lot worse.

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