Policeman hit by car in Osaka


A policeman was hit by a car and seriously injured in Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture, early Tuesday morning, police said.

According to police, two men loitering suspiciously in the building's car park at around 4:25 a.m. were spotted by an apartment owner who called the police. A police sergeant on patrol arrived on the scene just as the men were getting into a car parked nearby. He ordered the men to get out of the car but they drove off, hitting the policeman and breaking his left fibula.

Police said the men fled the scene in a northerly direction, driving a silver car. Police said they are searching for the men on suspicion of attempted theft, interfering with a public servant in the execution of his or her duties and attempted murder.

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I see two mistakes on the part of the officer. One, he never wrote down the license plate number (and now has to rely on such a vague description of the car as it being "silver"). Two, he shouldn't have been standing in front of the car when ordering the men out of the car.

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This has been going on lately where I live. Usually they jimmy the door or smash the window and run. I actually had to stop running/jogging near where I live as housewives would call and tell the cops the GPS/Stereo bandit...I just saw him and he keeps running around the block in running shoes with an ipod- and the cops would come in a patrol car and ask for ID (I mean we all love to jog with our wallets right?). Always get the plate...and caller and cops...use common sense.

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Yes easy to arm chair quarterback these things. There could of been many circumstances. Maybe the car didn't have any plates, maybe the plates were obstructed, maybe it was too dark to see the plates etc. Who says he was standing directly in front of the car? Maybe he was on the side and they deliberately hit him. Any number of actions we don't know about could of happened here.

I hope the officer gets well!

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feel sorry for the officer - Badge213 -- any of these scenarios. but, how many silver cars in japan? ubiquitous - just like the old days when you could get white, white or white.

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