Portuguese arrested for drug smuggling after swallowing 69 capsules


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Swallowing 69 capsules of stimulants!? Ugh, it really sounds like a desperate business! Good thing the police have arrested the suspect.

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Ganbare Japan

Im sorry, but your comment is just hilariously ridiculous.

These drugs aren’t viruses floating in the air waiting to latch onto us poor poor innocent Japanese. But it’s nice of you to try to portray us as so gentle and naive. Lol

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673 grams street valued at 40 mil jpy is 59,435 per gram

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There would be several capsules in a gram of powder, so less that that. However, it seems a time honored tradition for police to inflate the value of drug busts. It makes them look better to imply that they busted a massive drug haul rather than just some broken down loser from Portugal.

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Customs used to comb my luggage each time I returned. Once, an I heard an immigration official warn off his inferior, ”You're overdoing it." Now, I'm simply waved through. I suspect there are sniffer dogs between the plane and baggage delivery, so they already know. I wonder how this guy was caught. Perhaps it was a tip-off, but seeing as dogs are capable of smelling cancer, smelling a stomach-full of drugs wouldn't be beyond their ability.

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Barry Cooper is a former top narc in USA his videos on youtube explain precisely what dogs can cannot detect

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The Portugese in my town just hang out near the station and drink beer. Their wives get picked up by a van and sent to factories to work. He should have thought about staying with his buddies at the train station instead.

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Excellent work by those customs officers and the police !

We all know they will have to step up their efforts in the years to come so maybe they can have a look at the way Australia does it and learn a thing or two...

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I find it very hard to believe that each capsule is worth over 570.000 yen.

Where do they get these inflated numbers from?

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Não posso falar em Japonês!

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So he had the 10 grams in his luggage, that was detected and then they catscanned him and saw the rest.

Agree, Ganbare silly comment.  Not like "innocent" people are going to try and buy these drugs.

My guess this was cocaine at that price.  Still think the values are inflated though.

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sourpussToday 07:52 am JSTGenius!

Mule. Big dummy.

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He's in the poo now.

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The suspect is refusing to speak with investigators...

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hell of a decision to make... eat your own excrement or risk getting arrested...

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I am always amazed that the full name of a suspect can still be aired by the police in Japan.

This is not the police job!

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Good work customs officers. That is a lot of innocent Japanese people saved from these dangerous drugs. This man should be kept in a prison for 40 years minimum.

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I do wish they would be specific on the drug name. Stimulant could be nicotine or caffeine.

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There was similar news in the previous articles. This time, the mule did not die. That was very good. Has he wanted to become a mule? There are many mule lovers in the world. :(

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