Presumed mastermind of robberies may be in Philippines


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That person must be a OnePiece fan.

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Why am I not surprised to see Adachi Ward mentioned. Hope it's not any of my neighbors.

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What a crime hope they will catch them all

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What yakuza group is Nagata with?

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Disgraceful. So a guy posts a recuitment notice: "illegal partime job: recruting robbers" online with instructions to the recruits to " go out and break into homes of the elderly, bash and rob them for 70% of the takings" and people actually A, reply, and B, carry the deed out.

The guy and his band of losers must be found, prosecuted, and something horrible arranged to happen to all of them, either state sponsored, or by fellow inmates.

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They are inspired by the Netflix series Money Heist, but doing it on a small case basis.

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Just as I predicted look into the cellphone messages and that’s your Trail Blazer

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So, what is this mastermind's contribution to the effort of the robbers? Is he/she funding them?

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Thumb me down all you want but when this story broke on JT I said "follow the email trail on Nagata's cell phone and that will take you to the real perps"

Nagata, 21, was found to have messages on his phone pertaining to the incident in Komae from the presumed mastermind using the encrypted messaging app Telegram.

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Jan. 23 10:35 pm JST Posted in: Murder of 90-year-old woman linked to online site recruiting members for house robberies See in context

Just as I posted " Jan. 21 12:04 am JST Posted in: 90-year-old woman beaten to death at home See in context

Senseless crime! Gangs prey on the weak, as pointed out in article the Chiba police received a call from saying that a message on the smartphone of a man arrested for another robbery indicated that Oshio's house was being targeted. Once family members left the gang committed the crime. I hope the police is looking into the phone records of that arrested individual much deeper because he has to be involved some how. Perhaps those were the orders from the gang as they planned their home invasion activities.

NHK reported Sunday that gang members are believed to have been recruited on an Instagram site. The mobile phone of Rikuto Nagata, 21, who was arrested for a Nakano house robbery in which six men stole 30 million yen, also listed several addresses in Adachi Ward, including one residence which was robbed.

Another message contained the words “Komae City” with a comment, “I will contact you once there is an opening.”

Police said they are questioning Nagato, who is from Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture, to try and find out the name of the ringleader who has been recruiting gang members online. He was quoted by police as saying the members of the gang did not know each other before the robbery.

Besides Nagato, one other suspect in the Nakano case has been arrested ― a man in his 30s. Another man has been arrested on suspicion of robbing a jewelry store in Tokyo's Shibuya district. He also told police he was recruited online and given instructions on what to do.

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Thumb me down all you want but when this story broke on JT I said "follow the email trail on Nagata's cell phone and that will take you to the real perps"

Let's not pretend y'all some kind of detective or something. You read an article, and with a miniscule bit of data of questionable accuracy, and made a random guess based on probabilities. That's not detective work mate, that's just making a lucky guess.

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