Prison escapee continues to evade police on small island


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6600 police officers = very expensive!

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6,600 police officers, traffic jams for a barber shop thief?? Wow, someone at the top must have lost face with this guy's escape.

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Ask the SDF for assistance. If there is a law against that, send them on a training mission.

Get a court order allowing reasonable entry into unoccupied homes if there are facts articulable to support reasonable suspicion that the lad is, or has been inside. Require renewal every two weeks until he's located or determined to have left the island.

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6,600 police should steak out the islands Barbershops. And if a house is empty no traceable owner kick the door in. Then get the local authorities to demolish it.

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Nice use of resources there........

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What a waste of resources and money. I could understand the urgency to catch this bloke if he was a murderer or sex offender, but this is rather OTT for a thief.

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What's the bet he's not even on the island anymore, if he ever was. He's been on the lamb for a week. He must have to shop for foods. There are cameras in nearly every store in the country. Furthermore, hi picture must be plastered all over the island. If he is still on the island, he must be getting help from someone. Don't the cops have any idea of his associates?

6,6000 cops engaged for a week (so far) to catch someone from a low security 'walk-out' prison? I guess the only positive thing about this abuse of resources is, all those with unregistered bicycles are having a stress-free week.

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Agree with the above posters. This is a ridiculous waste of resources.

To be able to evade 6600 police officers on a small island is pretty amazing.

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Collosal waste of taxpayer resources, looking for a non-violent offender who will eventually turn up on camera somewhere. Embarrassing for the authorities, too - which is itself akin to a crime. I'll bet there will be a rash of escapes from other "wall-less" prisons while half the cops in the country are looking for one criminal - unless they've been confined to quarters for the duration.

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why don’t they use dogs?

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They have been using dogs, Robin. Saw them on the news. He has been on the lam before, so he must kind of enjoy evading these search parties.

As everyone here says, it's a waste of time and resources, unless he knows something embarrassing to the prison authorities and they need to shut him up.

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Because of the unique geographical character of the island. Only FOUND in JAPAN. Come on. There is nothing special about it. .. Except for the number of abandoned houses.

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The reason they have not found him is that he is NOT ON the island!!!

And, 1,000 vacant homes on that small island!!! Amazing!

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The J news today says there have been several sightings recently in the north of the island. This suggests to me that he is awaiting an opportunity to cross one of the bridges to the mainland. Waiting for something like a garbage truck...?

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Or he wants to give that impression, when he is actually planning to steal a boat? ;8)

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Like Elvis he has "left the building"

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1000 empty homes to loot for food.

he is living a round of pub

and eating the chicken dinner at the same time.

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I really don't see why I should pay rent anymore. Just find an empty house and move in. The owner is likely dead, and the police can't enter it without the deceased's permission which I doubt will be forthcoming!

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Reckless, you are probably paying rent for living in a popular and convenient place. Out in the country there are plenty of super cheap rental deals.

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Over 6000 police...that is a lot of expensive Lexus police cars.

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The article does not say what he did to be sentenced to prison. Since he was in an "open" prison, I guess he was not considered violent. Wouldn't it be cheaper just to let him go? He would likely be picked up on a minor charge, eventually.

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(1glenn, posted this to the wrong article. Here goes again! )

A  dredge around the J news produced this. It does provide some background, but I do not know how reliable the following site is, so take it or leave it.


罪状は窃盗。 福岡県の理髪店など、閉店後の店舗に侵入し金銭を窃盗。



Essentially he was arrested in 2013 for theft. He sneaked into shops such as a barber's after closing hours in order to steal money. In Fukuoka, Saga, Kumamoto etc., he cracked safes, broke into cars etc., over 120 times. The total stolen was recorded as 4 million JPY.

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What's the point in setting up checkpoints on the road (tying up traffic for hours) when there's no way on earth he's going to try to go through any of them?

Give him a way to escape the island and let him slip through it. He'll get picked up after showing up on some 7-11 security camera or something. Or he'll try to steal something again and get nabbed.

The major disruptions on that island just to catch a petty crook seem really disproportionate.

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Some big wig copper got his panties in a twist for sure!

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I am so angry about this Hirao troublemaker, all residents in Mukaishima should sue him for damage when he is caught.6600 police will catch him, he is a very dangerous criminal. You cant hide under rock forever Hirao.Hand yourselve in NOW!

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Ok, let me see if I can comprehend this, this guy escapes prison, is on a small island, possibly without much to survive on, OUTNUMBERED and yet manages to evade capture for over a week?

is this guy BEAR GRYLLS?

good thing he is not a psychopath serial killer !:-/

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