Prosecutors appeal TEPCO acquittal in Fukushima case


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Ensuring absolute safety at nuclear plants was not a government requirement then, it said.

What a disturbing statement.

TEPCO has spent 9 trillion yen ($83 billion) on compensation related to the disaster. It needs to spend an estimated 8 trillion yen ($74 billion) to decommission the plant and 6 trillion yen ($55 billion) for decontamination.

Most of which is actually public money since the government bailed out TEPCO after the disaster and then nationalized the company. And yet somehow year after year TEPCO boasts healthy profits.

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Why do they keep saying only "TEPCO" when the government has 51% control of the final discussion making process?

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Ensuring absolute safety at nuclear plants was not a government requirement then, it said.

Then I suggest that the Japanese government and Tepco have never been competent start down the nuclear path.

And what has changed now?

Ticking time bomb.

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Taking on the establishment is always a hard slog. It's even harder in Japan when all these companies and politicians are above the law. Cue Judge Dread, "I am the law!"

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This is all for show, no one will be charged. And in a few years people will forget.

These people are all from prominant and connected families. Even if they kill thousands of people in broad daylight they will not be punished.

Law in Japan only applies to poor people.

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Enough already with the apology cover up! They did the crime, they pay the time!

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No crystal ball needed to see this one coming. Capitalism means never having to pay for your crimes (and the tab is always picked up by the helpless, exploited taxpayers).

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blahblah222Today  09:55 am JST

“This is all for show, no one will be charged.”

This article is about three men who were indeed charged and brought to trial.

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The mega rich never get punished in Japan if anyone hasn't figured that one out. If this case wasn't proof enough then I dont' know what to say. A magnitude case such as this at minimum should have had the best prosecutor in Japan or the Judicial Minister to say the least.

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Because the govt directly owned Chernobyl and weren't shy about it. The public wasn't duped to blame the company...they directly blamed the govt. That govt no longer exists. Companies takes the public ire away from the govt, even if just a veneer.

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Bread & circuses are good, but give the peasants the belief that they can change who governs, and have anger directed at companies rather than govt would dispel any thought of revolt or, dare I say, revolution.

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Oh, how frivolous. I suspect they don't have significant new facts to put on the table, and the judge's reading of the law is almost certainly correct. This will get bounced, and they will yelp :-(

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