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Prosecutors indict 3 ex-SDF members in reopened sexual assault probe


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This is rampant in the US military, even people have lectures over and over again

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Prosecutors decided not to indict them due to insufficient grounds for suspicion in May.

Why because it's not easy case, that can lead to 99% rate?

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It’s odd that there was enough evidence to discharge them from the JSDF but not enough to criminally prosecute them. One would think that their prosecution would go hand in hand with their discharge.

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Want names.

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Not detained?

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It is more a matter of authority managament inside the GSF than a matter of that specific case.

It needs to be taken care from the root.

Problem is that if you don't let the steam out, especially when you put women with men, it is bound to happen.

Remember you don't get the most clever often to join the GSD as soldiers.

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> Fukushima prosecutors have indicted, without arrest

> While the three indicted were not named

whoa…..slow down there.

don’t get TOO rough with them or anything.

so much for making examples out of them lowlifes.

how about inflicting some lengthy jail time, heavy fines, dishonorable discharge and definitely put them on the initial, 30 years too late sexual predators list or something?

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Good news. Nail them to the wall and let them be a warning sign that this will not be tolerated. At all.

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You go girl! Hope more women step forward.

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So, the victim is named but not any of the accused?

I struggle to understand the Japanese legal system.

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