Prosecutors indict South Korean over Yasukuni shrine blast


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Punish him to the full extent of the law.

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Good. Fine him and bar him from JPN.

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He is believed to have initially left Japan but was arrested when he re-entered early this month, reportedly carrying two kilograms of gunpowder.

Didn't they say it wasn't gunpowder?

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He was trying to blow up a restroom in shrine. So "heroic action", so to speak. Perhaps, they are going to erect another one statue in honour to that "Toilet Demolisher", eh?

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This along with Akie's visit to Yasukuni, has been timed really badly, butbis obviously just to keep the black van crews loyal.

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Didn't they say it wasn't gunpowder?

That's my memory too. (Although I don't remember who 'they' were.)

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Didn't they say it wasn't gunpowder?

Not really.

Officials at Gimpo airport said they tested a substance (black powder) found in his luggage and concluded that it was not an explosive.

That shows an apparent discrepancy with the findings in Japan, but it is not insurmountable: the Korean officials could simply be have drawn an incorrect conclusion, for any number of reasons.

His legal problems start not with what happened in Korea but when he is found at a Japanese airport to be bringing in what may be an explosive. If it can be proved that it is an explosive, the findings on the Korean side are likely to be discounted.

One problem for him is that he claimed at Narita that the luggage didn't belong to him. If that can be identified as his luggage, and if it checks out with what went through Gimpo, lying about ownership of the luggage makes his behaviour more suspicious, which is consistent with the accusation that he was carrying something with the intention of committing a crime.

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All of this could have been avoided if they didn't honor Class-A war criminals at Yasukuni.

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