Prosecutors not to indict ex-soccer star Oku over threat to kill his wife


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Decided to take a financial penalty

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Maybe that's what she wanted from the

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Was he actually proven to have said that? Or was it just her word for it?

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From what I heard on the news, she didn't have a recording of it. It was just her words.

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And there will be hand wringing and people apologising if he does actually end up killing her.

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Unless they have changed the laws, it was never illegal in Japan to threaten to kill someone, It strangely enough was not considered intimidation.

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She get paid Oku yen?

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So...still his wife? Huh?

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Nessie, apparently she didn't intent to leave him but they have lived separately for a while due to escalating problems : violence on her, losing his job after only a few weeks several times last year due to health problems, looking so sick that his friends get scared... Maybe the settlement is that he accepts to get some treatment.

Maybe that's what she wanted from the

But she has it all already, being his wife.

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