Prosecutors raid space agency over bureaucrat's bribery case


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Politics 101, Chapter 3, Paragraph 4 - When caught "red handed" making or taking bribes, fight back by finding any dirt possible on others and publicizing said dirt. The desired result is too confuse voters to the point that they believe everyone is dirty and it does not matter who they vote for.

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Kawabata was on loan at the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency at the time and was in a position to evaluate the agency's business contracts.



Sounds like pretty good work if you can get it.

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Over $12000 in food...surely someone must of noticed he was getting a little fat?

in japan, if you want to get a major project you need brown envelops. If you just want to survive, combinis pay around ¥800 an hour with no pension, health benefits or bonuses.

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know what’s gonna happen now. Deep deeep bows with ani pointing to space.

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Golden parachute?

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A SEM nicked on "alleged" bribery charges, shock, horror! would you believe it? I thought that all of those brown paper bags were for carrying there lunches in.

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Goodlucktoyou. Over $12000 in food...surely someone must of noticed he was getting a little fat?

It was spent over a 2 year period. Taniguchi bribed Kawabata by wining and dining him more than 10 times. 1.2 million Yen for foods and Wine is not much. It was depending on what kind of Wine and dishes they consumed together.

Most of the foods people order with Company credit card were wasted and sometime they don't even touch the foods.

"1.4 million yen ($12,600) worth of meals and drinks to Kawabata between 2015 and 2017"

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The greasy palms of Japanese politics have no boundaries. I’m actually a bit surprised so many are getting caught recently. Somebody is not feeding the watchdog enough to keep him away.

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On the moon...

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