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Protest calls flood police after big cash theft in Hiroshima


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The police are interviewing their officers but because only a few knew of the location of the key and the money within the police station, they are having difficulty indentifying any suspects.

That is a little bit backwards, isn't it? If only a few knew the location of the key then it should be very easy to identify suspects??

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TThey don't have cameras? That is a serious bag to have to carry that much cash

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"The image of the police is deteriorating."

I wouldn't say that it is deteriorating. All the train gropers, panty thieves and up-skirt photographers in the police force have already tarnished the image of the J-police. This incident is just a ’さすが!’ (sasuga - no surprise!)

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Incident will really be deteriorating for those who are sincere...

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So they are investigating themselves? Impressive...

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"only A FEW knew of the location of the key and the money" & "they are HAVING DIFFICULTY identifying any suspects" Rocket Science?????

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IIRC, the money was held as part of evidencs as it was the local police HQ.

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This is crazy, how on EARTH can they seriously investigate THEMSELVES!!

No wonder they have no suspects.........INSANE!!!

And even more insane the key was in a desk drawer WTF!

And no CCTV just like the interrogation rooms!

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before, i was quite open to believe J police were not so bad. but a couple of incidents with them recently has led me to believe they are bad. As an armchair detective, i would suggest 1: they were all in it together and split the cash and then investigated. 2: The money disappeared so the fraud case would fall through.

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zichi Today 12:22 pm JST Educator60

sorry I just meant what was the purpose of keeping that much money at a police station even in safe with the keys in the draw. Should have been moved to a bank.

evidence from a crime can't be moved outside of police custody.

and i'm having a real hard time understanding the reporter's logic (or illogic) about the lack of any suspects since only a few people knew the location of the key and money. how about starting with them?!?!

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That's easy, wait for one of those that new the key location to quit or retire early. No not to go to work being that rich and that will keep playing in his head everyday from now on.

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They'll probably just find a patsy to pin it on and maintain their 99% conviction rate.

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Wish I had that kind of cash stashed away.

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The image of the police is deteriorating.

Deteriorating? I've never met anyone that held the police in high regard in the first place.

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