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Psychiatrist arrested for threatening colleague in Yokohama


Police on Tuesday arrested a 46-year-old psychiatrist for threatening his colleague because of trouble arising from an application for a medical qualification in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture.

Psychiatrist Yasuichiro Kobayashi, 46, was arrested for allegedly threatening his colleague, 45, by phone on June 29, saying “I'm prepared to die. I will shoot all of your family to death.”

Kobayashi is quoted by police as saying, “I had asked for his signature to apply for a medical qualification, but he ignored the deadline and my application was unsuccessful. I called him because I was angry.”

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Somehow this story seems to connect well to the stories about the mental illness problem for company workers, the message in a bottle thrown at the U.S, embassy and the guy in the Pooh suit. Aren't these the guys you would turn to for help???

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wouldn`t go to him!!!!!!!

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Sounds like the colleague made the right call.

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If you were angry...well...in that case its understandable. The police were wrong to arrest you. Thanks for clearing everything up.

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I think this guy needs to see a Psychiatrist !!!

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And none of you have ever said you were going to kill someone. Yup this guy is crazy.

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“I’m prepared to die. I will shoot all of your family to death.” "I called him because I was angry.”

Just something lost in the literal translation, what he really said was actually closer to:

"Thank you so much for your help my friend! I am so happy to know you, to show my appreciation, I would really like to shoot a photo of you and your loving family. Again, thank you so much!"

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All the budding junior psychologists have made their summary declaration of insanity I see. I would like to know just how much that application fiasco is affecting the man's life first. I would also like to know why he did not or could not get another person's signature.

It seems possible to me the colleague really worked this guy's career over. Who knows how badly he needed that qualification? Who knows why the colleague did this? One thing I can tell you is that no matter how malicious the intent of the colleague may have been, he will face no justice. That would be a truly maddening realization.

Pending details I am witholding diagnosis.

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Sounds like too much passive aggressive behavior on both parts. Lock em both up in a MMA cage with winnie the pooh, that'll straighten em out.

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Hannibal Lektor in Japan?

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Sentencing judge orders psychiatrist to "heal thyself" and take an anger management class.

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I imagine he'll get therapy pretty quickly. Should get an excellent trade discount too!

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He's a psychiatrist & all psychiatrists are nutters, it's part of the job.

“I’m prepared to die. I will shoot all of your family to death.”

But even for a psychiatrist this is a little over the top. Did he mean to include baba & jiji too do you think?

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I am a little confused, conveying a death threat from a public official, caregiver, or a higher profile figure equals jail time?

A few times I have personally seen citizens at a local Izakaya convey the same threats and one time even with a physical altercation. The police arriving at the scene let them go home with a warning.

A little confused on the severity of punishment, Anyone please explain this one? This is making me a little nuts on the whole situation.

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"This is making me a little nuts on the whole situation."

I know the name of a (perhaps not so) good psychiatrist,

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Thank you for the medical assistant, but I will probably self medicate with a few drinks of Awamori.

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