Rapper says suspects in Irish woman's death not part of her entourage


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"No Matter what race these thugs are one thing is sure!- When you lay down with Dogs,You wake up with Fleas!" Even if they consented to sex, so what? Someone woke up dead! Why do so many people find this so hard to understand? It's not a case of sexual morals, it's murder.

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can you be charged with giving alcoholic drinks to a 21 year old?? seems a bit weird..Why not attempted murder?

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Someone woke up dead! Um, no, someone didn't wake up!

Sounds like this guy used to dance for Nicki but wasn't for the concert. Regardless, can we wait for the story to come out before deciding guilt? Sex games gone bad?

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Whatever the story turns out to be, I hope the girls parents find peace and justice.

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Why does Japan consider a 19-year old a minor? A person of that age is perfectly capable of knowing the difference between right and wrong and should face the full legal consequences of their actions.

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I wonder where Perez Hilton got his information. A very vocal Celeb blogger.

Anyway, the police have the perps in custody and that's all that matters.

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Well, saying a person is "not of your entourage" and denying that they are a back-up dancer are two different things.

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It really doesn't take too much research to find out that the two men were indeed not affiliated with Niki Minaj (at least at this time). Rather, they were on a Japan tour with a famous Japanese pop musician. Their time in Tokyo was a down time between tour dates.

I've made the comment on another related article, but I'll make it again here... Consider how much factual information has surfaced regarding this case...consider that carefully. Then consider how many conclusions have been jumped to based on the little factual information available as well as rumors and suggested possible scenarios. I can't help but believe that a lot of the opinions formed on this case are racially motivated...which is a shame considering most of the non-Japanese posters here have at least one, if not daily, been on the receiving end of racism (at whatever level) here in Japan.

I myself can't stand up for the defendants and say that I believe they are innocent as just like the rest of us, I don't have many facts to work with. However, I believe someone does need to stand up for them by saying they certainly are far from guilty at this point...which would of course leave them considered innocent.

And for those calling them "dogs" or claiming they are "victims of their own culture," consider this... These two men have (at very young ages) gotten to a level in their art (dance, music) which has allowed them to not only make a living, but also to connect with other world-famous artists and travel the world in doing so. I don't care what your craft is...getting to a point where these young men have at a young age is something that takes dedication, discipline, and hard work. I won't/can't say they are any more honorable/law-abiding than you or I, but I believe they deserve respect...or at the very least, not to be slandered based on bias.

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Send those thugs to Abashiri Prison...

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Why must racism be seen in everything? How about polling the posters and asking how many don't have black friends? I suspect it would be very few. So please, don't insult our intelligence or humanity by pulling the Race card.

As for the assertion that non-Japanese are regularly racially abused, try some communities in the US for size.

Hiphop (which you claimed was attacked as a culture on the other thread) is a powerful force in empowering and uniting people across social and racial barriers. I didn't see anyone suggest otherwise or, indeed, that the young men were victims of their '*own' particular culture.

I understand your very real concerns for your friends. As I said, it behoves the police to be diligent, and justice to be done.

The fact remains that we are told that there were strangulation marks around Nicola Furlong's neck. Two young women have been denied their own opportunities to reach excellence and be celebrated internationally by this tragic, pointless incident.

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First and foremost, apologies on bringing up the race card here as I was still reeling a bit from reading racist remarks on what turns out to have been other sites discussing the news. The thread on the GaijinPot forum was particularly embarrassing...(then again, what else could be expected). Again, after re-reading comments, the tone here doesn't seem as bad as other sites that did suggest they were "victims of their own culture," that the 23-year-old defendant will be able to "rap flawlessly in Japanese by the time he is released" (wasn't he a dancer?), and so on...

As for the remark implying that non-Japanese are regularly biased/discriminated against here, I think that stands as is. I make no attempt to dismiss bias/discrimination/blatant racism in any other country such as the U.S., the U.K., China, Africa...anywhere. Racism, intentional or otherwise, is a nasty reality that exists everywhere you go. My reason for mentioning the comment is because for many non-Japanese who have made lives (temporary or long-term) in Japan, this may possibly the first time they were on the receiving end of it. And as I can say from first-hand experience, becoming an minority for the first time can be a challenging (however, enlightening) experience.

Regarding the strangulation marks, there has yet to be any solid information claiming that this is true. There were rumored to have been markings on her neck. Media outlets suggested that those markings (if even there at all) could possibly be a result of strangulation. Again, nothing has been proven. One thing I really took notice to after experiencing the earthquake/tsunami here in Sendai first hand is that mainstream media can be a serious joke...and occasionally, some unfortunate people are on the receiving end of it. Rumors and heresay are wre-written/broadcast in a way to make them seem factual. Again, anybody who experienced first-hand the earthquake/tsunami of last year (or any major life event for that matter) can attest to the fact that "news" is sensationalized... Again, giving the factual information up to this point before toxicology reports or autopsy results, the article could have just as easily suggested her cause of death be alcohol poisoning.

Lastly, I noticed that you (in the comment sections of both articles) refer to the defendants as my "friends." I have no personal connection to any of the four people directly involved in this case. My knowledge of all of them goes no further than what I have read in news reports and light research I have done on my own using mostly social media (which apparently new sources have yet to get the hang of). Someone should not/does not have to be your friend for you to want to see them treated fairly. Truthfully, given the information I gathered on the two defendants, I have very little, if anything, in common with either of them except my place of birth. However, seeing the way they are being portrayed by media and the way the public is reacting to them at this point is, in my mind, unjust and could easily affect the way their case proceeds from here out. I feel they deserve a bit of support...not to say they're innocent, but to say that they certainly are far from being proven guilty yet.

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No Matter what race these thugs are one thing is sure!- When you lay down with Dogs,You wake up with Fleas!

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