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4 charged in underwear theft cases in Aichi, Chiba, Kanagawa and Niigata


Arrests were made in four lingerie theft cases Thursday in Aichi, Chiba, Kanagawa and Niigata Prefectures, with four men charged.

In Chiba Prefecture, a 18-year-old college student was arrested for allegedly stealing 44 sets of underwear belonging to small children from a kindergarten in Matsudo City around 3:30 a.m. on Thursday.

In Aichi Prefecture, Takayuki Komura, 24, who is a part-time employee at the child welfare department of the Okazai city office, was arrested for allegedly stealing 115 items of girls' underwear and sandals from a changing room at a primary school in the city on the afternoon of July 25 while children were playing in the pool.

In Kanagawa, Masanobu Iguchi, 47, was arrested for allegedly stealing schoolgirls' swimsuits in Yokohama on July 13. Police found about 5,000 items of female underwear at his apartment. Iguchi had earlier been arrested for peeping up schoolgirls' skirts on Aug 8. Iguchi told police he had been stealing female underwear for 10 years.

Meanwhile, in Niigata, Kazuhito Okamoto, 49, was arrested for stealing two pairs of panties from a clothesline at a house in Nishikan Ward on Thursday at around 1 a.m.

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just another day in Japan...

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18 year old guy stealing underwear from kindergarten? what? and a child welfare employee stealing underwear from children he shoulb be protecting... am I missing something here? Worse than cockroaches...these people are really sick and must undergo psychiatric evaluation because they can be the next pedophiles and rapists. Whats the big deal about underwears anyway?

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what a big bust just like drugs

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Yes, after months of intense undercover work, the police pounced on the rignleaders of the notorious Knicking Knickers gang. Hats off to the police. Well done boys.

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lets hope this is the gang that stole that poor girls knickers and then rode off on a bicycle. Ok, I'll ask the tough question: what were they going to do with them??

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The guys who are into sniffing womens underwear are just run-of-mill perverts; kind of funny.

But stealing little childrens underwear is outright creepy. That sounds like it will escalate in future. Terrible thought.

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Maybe the cops should check these guys pc`s. I have an idea they might find some very incriminating info.

Bet these guys were on forums with other pervs. If the police really wanted, i bet they could catch hundreds like the police do in other countries.


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These guys need their heads checked, seriously 5000 pairs of underwear!

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These guys need their heads kicked! I wonder which social website they were using to organize their efforts. 2 channel? Mixi?

And, the Japanese culture shines through!

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ha ha ha ha ha.....

What a repressed society......

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Every time I put out my wife's under garments to dry, I have to think is it in public view and can we keep an eye on them from the house?

Only in Japan and probably Korea....

Can someone explain to me what is this Japanese male obssession with the under garments of women/girls?

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Can someone explain to me what is this Japanese male obsession with the under garments of women/girls?

Because it's as close as most of these wimps will ever get to them!

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A quick search engine check on “underwear” and “theft” will show that this is happening around the world. True, I did not see any links to Eskimos, or nudist colonies – but just maybe I did not look hard enough. This is not a Japan obsession, it is a pervert obsession.

But you gotta love those containers, all so easily organized, and on perp-walk-display by the police.

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Takayuki Komura, 24, who is a part-time employee at the child welfare department of the Okazai city office

That is sick, sick, sick. I wonder if the city of Okazai consider this a sackable offence or merely showing an interest in his job out of the office?

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"5000 items of female underwear"

Is that all?

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I usually don't leave comments but this one is pretty over the top. I think the male population needs to find some other type of hobby to pre-occupy their time/mind i.e. stamp collecting, puzzles, a girl friend maybe, I don't know. Stealing childrens'underwear, that doesn't even sound like something that's ok to do.

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underwear belonging to small children from a kindergarten in Matsudo City

This guy needs his head read, then put on a leash... sick twat!

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A few points...

Is it really needed to show a photo along with this story?

I have seen three different warning signs on three different apartment building anouncement boards in three different cities warning people to take precautions because of underwear theft....why is there so much of this stuff in Japan?

These guys need psychiatric care. But if you mention sexual compulsion/addiction to the Japanese medical community, they will look at you like you have four ears on your head.

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i first thought underwater theft then i read more closely.

These people have issues

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my eyes.... "##$%

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What do they do with them? They sniff 'em, that's what.

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Who would want to sniff them, what for?

The thought of sniffing my wife Mildreds underwear is disgusting, yuck.

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The fanatical pursuit of perfection...applied by perverts!

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Who'd proudly admit "I've been stealing underwear for 10 years now!!"? A sick perv who thinks it's normal is who. They need to have their heads kicked around some to knock some sense into them. But at least it's better than stabbing people.

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Just another perversion, rather common in Japan, maybe less so elsewhere ?

The preoccupying thing is : what could this mania evolve into once the shitagi sniffer has had enough of it ?

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Great for the under garment biz. Not so great a fixation.

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kavikahi:To each his own... sniff.


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Since there is no panty vending machines around, this is the only solution.

Bring back the vending machines and create a Paspo card.

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Not sure what the big deal is.

I happens globally, yeah sure there are no lolita, teens, school-girls etc fans worldwide. Got me fooled as any search on google will result in links that will make anyone blush. And the sources are worldwide. Could go into details/examples but not worth it.

No need to go beyond barely legal, etc, the under-belly of society is the same globally.

Once you got your own country-men & ladies need to drop their fetishes before you can criticize Japan, etc IMO. Seen how non-US people(if I say White I get censored) are portrayed in porn.

As a side-note seen sites with japanese hentai stuff that stated that they characters are 18+yrs old. How do you verify a drawn characters age? And from the drawing style those are NON-japanese.

So give it a rest.

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The New Zen -

You are certainly entitled to your opinions just like the rest of us...but lets cut to the chase. Do you really think this sort of thing happens less in Japan than lets say Canada? By saying "it happens globally" thats what you imply. What a load of garbage.

Its not to say it never happens in Canada(or any other country). Its just saying it happens more in Japan from that individuals perspective due to fill in the blank.

We are not talking 100% or 0%...there are shades of gray.

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So glad I didn't move to matsudo like I planned too... my kids may have been at that kindergarten... If I found some sick twat like that I would beat him to a pulp for going near my kids. TheNewZen, my kids are part japanese,being raised in Japan, so I feel free to critize the country and the system that is supposedly there to protect them from this type of rubbish!! does Japan protect its children...NO!! a cop pimping out schoolgirls gets 300,000 yen fine, perverts get a slap on the wrists. Japanese pedaphiles who get caught in Thailand get protected by the Japanese government!! Sickness is here in Japan.

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Before I was frozen in that icy crevasse so many thousands of years ago, we did not even have underwear. It is hard for me to understand your modern attachment to such things. But since you seem so incredibly concerned about the safety of your children's undergarments and feel the Japanese system is failing to protect them, I have to wonder: Why do you live here? It is not just Matsudo, as you yourself have stated, so why not get you children's underwear out now, while there is still time?


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Notice that the first three incidents described occurred when the owners were elsewhere and not in a position to challenge or defend their items. The college student taking from the kids-boot him hard!

I imagine that the clothing thefts affected the kids and may have caused problems in homes where money is scarce.

The thieves need psychological help but they also need to make amends to places where the youth had their belongings snatched. Little kids can develop fears too easily over one incident.

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The thieves need psychological help

You think so?

Let's review:

18-year-old college student was arrested for allegedly stealing 44 sets of underwear belonging to small children from a kindergarten

He doesn't need psychological help, he needs a thorough beating, lengthy prison term, chemical castration and an ankle bracelet for life.

24... part-time employee at the child welfare department... stealing 115 items of girls’ underwear and sandals from a changing room at a primary school

Same basic kind of sick pervert as the case above, but made worse by the fact that he was employed in a position where he was trusted to oversee the safety and well being of children.

He deserves the same as the 18 year old above, except he should serve his prison term in general population.

The other two cases at least involved post-pubescents.... they still need a hitch behind bars, neutering and monitoring.

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Stealing panties is what serial rapists,killers and molesters do. I'm not sure why they did it, but the only hope they have of getting over it would be going to counseling. The part I would be the most upset over would be the stealing. It's one thing for a guy to have a woman's underwear fetish, no law against that - then okay, go buy some women's underwear. But to actually be stealing it is a bit childish.

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