Real estate company president murdered in Yamanashi


Police in Kofu, Yamanashi Prefecture, are investigating the murder of a real estate company president whose body was found in his home on Wednesday night.

According to police, Toshio Wakamiya, 73, was found collapsed at the front entrance to his home at around 10:15 p.m. Wednesday after a security alarm at his house had been activated. The 34-year-old security company employee responding to the alarm was attacked by two men when he went into the house, Fuji TV reported. The two men kicked and beat him before fleeing.

Police said Wakamiya was stabbed in the stomach and also had head injuries. He was taken to hospital where he died five hours later due to loss of blood.

Wakamiya lived alone. Police said there was no sign that his house had been ransacked.

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May be they know that he had 100 million yen cash at his home safe ...

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Ive had my bad dealings with dodgy rip-off real-estate agents here over the years - but killing one of them is probably taking things too far.

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He missed his last months payment to you know who.

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Sad but not surprising. Some of these real estate companies are part of the price fixing cabal building low quality housing, using the cheapest subcontractors they can find.

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There was I thinking Japan was a safe country with low crime rates; this and the four reports below it are all murders!

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I bet it was a Yakuza hit

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The Yakuza operates in Yamanashi prefecture? That's news to me.

Seems more like a crime of opportunity.

I also agree that Japan isn't quite a safe paradise as some make it. The nation is hardly immune to crime.

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The Yakuza operates in Yamanashi prefecture? That's news to me.

The area around Mt. Fuji has a lot of Yakuza.

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The yakuza operate in every prefecture. They get away with more in the countryside.

My question is why did a security company employee show up there by himself instead of notifying the police? My office security company sends the police first, and they follow up after.

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Real Estate Agents upset many people in many countries. He wouldn't be the first one to be killed by a dissatisfied client.

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