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Record high 181 animal abuse cases reported in 2023, NPA says


A record high 181 cases of violation of the Animal Welfare Act were reported in Japan in 2023, the National Police Agency said in a report released this week. The figure was 15 more than 2022 and 3.5 times as many as in 2014.

Most of the animals that suffered abuse were cats (97) and dogs (65), the NPA report said. Chickens, hamsters, cows and turtles made up the rest.

An NPA spokesperson told NHK the increase was most likely due to increased public concern. The spokesperson said that reports from third parties accounted for 118 cases, while only 10 cases were reported by welfare organizations.

The NPA report said some people bought pets during the pandemic but no longer wanted them once the pandemic passed.  

The revised Animal Welfare Act came into effect in June 2017. Penalties for killing or injuring animals have been increased, and veterinarians who examine animals suspected of being abused are now required to report them to the relevant authorities.

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I am against any free violence toward animals but at the end of the day, why do we decide to kills animals for food or because they disturb our environment or crops. Those are also abuse.

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Although 181 cases per year is quite low but any abuse/violence towards animal should be punished by huge penalty.

Imagine all such cases in developing countries, there are too many, even done by children. It really hurts even thinking about it.

What about the news of animals killed on highway? In UK, every day, about 10,000 foxes or other animals are killed on motorway and nobody is raising the voice.

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Way more than that.

Ever visited a Japanese dairy farm?

Unspeakable conditions.

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I guess they haven't checked the trash of these animal cafes!

Owls being one of the worst along with others especially those with nocturnal animals like hedgehogs, etc...

They keep these animals awake all day and this is unhealthy and leads to stress and death.

These cafes use certain terms like"

The owl is being fostered by a family

This actually means it died!

These places often don't want to pay for veterinarian care so if the animal is sick it is left to die because it is often cheaper to just replace it.

This is especially so with cats because the cats are often not any special breed so any common mix will do to replace them if they die at a fraction of the cost of a veterinarian.

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Bull! The number of puppies and kittens killed exceeds this number by far, and let not begin to talk about the greeders who breed and raise both in unbelievably bad conditions!

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Adopt, don't buy. Shut down breeders. Cops should be pursuing suspicions of abuse, and enforcing the law. The treatment of the lowest denominator is the standard of society.

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Animal abusers must be punished !!!!...

Adopt, never buy...

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I always wonder how life as a chicken must be in Japan?

I shudder to imagine actually…

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Chickens, hamsters, cows and turtles made up the rest.

As the owner of a beautiful Syrian Hamster, I get infuriated when I see live feeding of Hamsters and there are people, including here in Japan who torture hamsters on youtube and profit off of it.

There needs to be jail time for people who torture animals for social media, but the platforms should also be held responsible

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As stated , it's about "pets" mostly and just reflects the number of reported violations.

I'm not defending all modern standards from the West, but if you apply some European standards to the Japanese situation (pet shops, cows, chicken, porks), that number would have at least one more unit.

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