Ex-Tokyo Olympic exec indicted 4th time in bribery case


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Breaking into multiple charge to get maximum sentence, that's quite common in Japan.

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That'll give prosecutors another 23 days to rough him up. Will he be prepared to implicate Dentsu in the end? Probably not. He will carry the can alone.

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Any reprecussions for the parties that gave the money to win favours?

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In addition, Takahashi has been accused of accepting some 15 million yen in bribes from Daiko Advertising Inc. in return for asking the committee to use the firm as an agent for an English conversation school operator seeking to become a sponsor of the games.

The Olympics or Dentsu projects or big Eikaiwa schools or stafférs.

The trajectory is defraud the public on one scheme/ company then move on to the next with little consequence.

It is a path to wealth not available for most of the public.

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ECC as corrupt as the rest!!

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And still nothing about Mori...gee that's a surprise...NOT

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ICC should also be implicated.

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A very selective investigation by prosecutors. If you had to wonder about Japanese prosecutors focus, watch this story. There is a level they won’t cross, it’s a very bizarre system of justice, investigation. Top bureaucrats passed over for car homicide, friends of the Pm not prosecuted for rape, ex PMs shielded from investigation? Dentsu? The entertainment industry and pedophilia. There is a pattern. And it doesn’t say it’s a justice system. Protection of the delusional elite.

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Oooh, a scapegoat.

Let's just throw any and all accusations on the one fool, and we'll just shut our mouths over here.

I'm sure they'll pile on at least a half dozen more charges before it's all said and done. Then the real "masterminds" behind all of this will just walk away clean......

Well, Abe didn't, but oh well.

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RodneyToday  09:28 am JST

ICC should also be implicated.

Absolutely. They pressured Japan to hold the Games in 2021 regardlessand as such they are also guilty. Only wanted to make money, to hell with the health of the national teams and Games workers.

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Double standards with J-gov and J-inc taking care of their own...

They come down much harder on foreigners because we’re supposed to be the shining example of unimpeachable ethical probity they themselves are always falling short of. The last thing they want is for foreign competitors to get uppity notions that they too can parlay relaxed business morality into market share.

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And the indictment continues. More exposed Tokyo Olympic corruption.

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Simply out of control, probably did so may times for so long and lost handle on what legal and what is NOT.

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