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Regulator orders Nomura to improve operations after scandal


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this is such a joke, seriously, no fine???... way to go to recover people's trust, yeah, sure... anybody to comment impact of this on international stage regarding one's nation's (Japan) image? Is this common business dealing?

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Nomura must be more carefull not to get caught in future. That will be 3 deep bows please.

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Sorry guys, but I must lay down this savage punishment......now off to the Caba club????

Luckily, I didn't fine you, so it's your shout!!!!!

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what? Change? but they already bowed and said sorry isn't that enough?

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And .0005 grams of pot will land you in jail. Mixed up priorities me'thinks.

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The probe comes following renewed pressure to crack down on lax regulations and legal loopholes which have dented the nation’s corporate governance image.

This is ridiculous, and a slap in the public's face by these so-called regulator scambags.

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