Japan Display employee accused of embezzling ¥578 mil dead in apparent suicide


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Ok but what about the outstanding balance? If the company recovers this money where does it go? I'm sure it won't be into my bank account.

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Unfortunate or convenient for someone higher up?

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the employee claimed he was following orders.

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It's not clear to me if the employee was pocketing the money, or just re-writing losses. Both are bad, but the former of course is much worse.

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It said in a separate statement last week that the employee claimed he was following orders.

It sounds like he might have been Epsteined.

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OK - serious question:

If someone commits suicide at home, the resale value of the property takes a real hit. People don't want to move into a house where a suicide has occurred in case of evil spirits, bad luck, etc.

This poor soul ended it in a hotel room. What happens to the business? Is the room let at reduced rates, or do they just keep quiet and not let future guests know? Or do they take a leaf out of the train people's book and bill the surviving family for damages?

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Derek GrebeToday  11:42 am JST

OK - serious question: This poor soul ended it in a hotel room. What happens to the business?

Paragraph 3, first sentence says he died at a hospital.

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Hillclimber - oh I see...very crafty.

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