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Reward period extended for information that will help solve 27-year-old murder case


The National Police Agency has extended the reward period by one year for information that will help solve the 1996 murder of a 21-year-old woman.

Junko Kobayashi, a Sophia University student, was bound and stabbed to death inside her house which was then torched, in Katsushika Ward on Sept 9, 1996. Police have questioned more than 75,000 people and followed up on over 1,100 leads but have yet to come close to identifying a suspect or suspects.

The murder is believed to have taken place at around 3.55 p.m. Around this time, a man in an ocher-colored raincoat was seen standing outside Kobayashi’s home in the rain without an umbrella, staring up at the second floor.

In addition, type A blood was found in DNA at the crime scene, which police believe came from a hand or arm injury sustained by the murderer.

Police have offered a 3 million yen reward for information leading to an arrest. The family of the victim has also offered a further 5 million yen.

Anyone with any information is asked to call Kameari police station at 03-3607-0110 or 03-3607-9051.

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It must have been very hard not to find the suspects 27 years ago. Since house was torched and burned, you would think suspect was seen and around the place. It’s too late now.

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Dr Tyrell

Sadly, the killer might be dead. One might check records of loners that match his description.

Alas, an ocher-colored raincoat is not much of a description. Even the best AI can not do much with that...

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Sadly, the killer might be dead. One might check records of loners that match his description.

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Well, it's a very long time since then. Many have moved away or even have died, maybe including the killer. I would feed all available data, video footage and witnesses' talking into a contemporary AI tool like those from Palantir. Maybe it can find some new hints or data overlapping and other clues. Chances are low though after all that time bygone...

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It is admirable that the cops still keep this open after 27 years, however it seems the only chance is if they come across the same DNA in a different crime scene.

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