Rightwing activist rams sound truck into Aum facility


A rightwing activist rammed his sound truck into a gate at a facility belonging to the Aum Shinrikyo cult in Tokyo's Adachi Ward on Friday.

According to police, the 47-year-old driver, who was arrested on the spot, drove his vehicle into the gate of the building in Iriya at around 11:30 a.m., TBS reported. Nobody was injured, police said.

Aum is now known as Aleph. In recent weeks, rightwing groups have been parked outside the facility demanding that the cult vacate the premises and leave the area.

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Moron. Hope he's actually charged with something and not just let go to begin again in his 'sound truck'.

Anyway, if 'Aum' is now known as 'Aleph', why not start calling them Aleph instead of Aum all the time? Just curious.

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Aum, now Aleph ate bery bad!! They are wxtremely dangerous!! Good on this Right Wing Nut case!! Bravo!! Banzai!! 万歳‼

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This is the first time that Japanese rightwing nuts did something good!

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It's like the time Kanye West roughed up a paparazzi: I...I just don't know who to root for, here.

Ok, I'm supporting "meteor impact at the Iriya facility".

In all seriousness, though, I recommend reading up on the history of these cults. Their activities and place in Japanese society are interesting (and maybe important) to learn about, especially to those from other countries.

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"right-wing activist" + "sound truck" + "rammed" = yakuza underling hoping to make points with his oyabun.

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Adachi ward... not surprised!

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One loser drives his truck into a facility run by even bigger losers. Sorry but no compassion here for anyone.

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Todays news! nutter attacks nutters gate!

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Why is his name withheld? Suspects who are arrested normally have their names released.

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Freedom of religion; Komeito should have some vague memories about why that's important.

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Why bring komeito into this discussion? A SGI/TIG member wants to know.

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After their attack on the Tokyo metro why are they even allowed to have freedom of movement? Changing your name doesn't make you any less of a threat. Anyway, for once I think the right wing nutters did something right.

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Still wandering what Komeito/Soka Gakkai has to do with it.

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