Road rage suspect sent to prosecutors after bottle-throwing incident on Nagoya Expressway


A 44-year-old man who was arrested on suspicion of violating the Road Traffic Law in a road rage case has been sent to prosecutors in Nagoya.

According to police, the unidentified suspect, who is a self-employed resident of Nagoya City’s Minami Ward, threw a plastic bottle at a car behind him while traveling along the Nagoya Expressway’s outbound lane at around 4:30 p.m. on April 30. The bottle did not hit the vehicle and no injuries were reported. 

Police said the suspect had been driving in an erratic manner and tailgating a car. He passed the car and got in front of it, at which point the driver of the second car honked his horn. The suspect then leaned out of his window and threw a PET bottle back at the car behind him.

Police said the suspect has admitted to the charge and said he got mad because the driver of the car he passed honked his horn at him.

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Guy at the lights was busy on his phone when they turned green gave him a honk and he flipped out screaming at me. Just pointed and laughed loudly at him, worked better than getting angry and dropping to his level.

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Just pointed and laughed loudly at him

I think your passive-aggressive behaviour just dropped you wwwwaaaayyyy down to his level. Bragging about it on the Net makes it even worse IMHO

Just saying like.

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Tailgating in Japan is a serious problem and is not only aggressive but attempts to force the tailgated driver to exceed the speed limit-in most cases I slow down when it is impossible to pull over to avoid the driver behind me rear ending my car.

Unfortunately, this only instills more impatience in them which is not my intention.

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Unfortunately, honking does more harm than good and should only be used to avoid accidents. In the U.S., one guy chased me and said he was going to kill me for honking at him for cutting me off. In Japan, I honked at the guy in front of because the signal was green and he was still sitting there for over 10 seconds. I repaid me by driving his car at 10kph for several kilometers. It was a single lane road and when I tried to pass him in the opposite lane or parking lots, he sped up.

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Stupidity reveals easily on roads.

I honk if necessary, no problem.

The agressive person will always lose at the end.

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As punishment ... shove the bottle up his (fill in body part)

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I love living in Japan when this is our big nation wide crime story of the week.

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Well, there are other things that could be written about (bosozoku, uyoku) which are really annoying, if not always illegal.

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