Romanian jailed for life for killing Japanese teacher


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Just as evil as his ancient namesake.

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Good. Hope he rots in prison.

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Wow! That is a serious crim! Glad they have him locked up. But, I have to ask, why did the young Japanese girl go with him?

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Disillusioned: "(He) met Masuno at the airport and lured her into a taxi ..."

In hindsight it was perhaps a little careless of her, but one can easily be overwhelmed by the initial awe and charm of a foreign land.

This monster should be allowed no excuse and deserves no quarter.

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I think they don't have the death penalty being a member of EU, so this is the highest sentence he could get. Good. It's sad though that it took a high profile international crime for the police to finally catch this serial murderer and rapist. I hope Romanian prison is as tough as I imagine it.

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"why did the young Japanese girl go with him?"

He posed as a taxi driver at the departure exit of the airport she had just arrived at. Most people, ourselves included, would likely not blink twice about a taxi driver opening up his car door and asking if he could take our bags, especially if we needed a taxi.

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Killing and raping is not as bad as raping and killing.

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Killing and raping is not as bad as raping and killing.

It's cold comfort for my surviving loved ones, but I've gotta agree with you, Nessie. I'd rather I be killed and then raped, rather than be raped and then killed.

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Back on topic please.

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can you really tell me that this guy deserves to live? he's an animal that preyed on women, killing 3 of them. he deserves to fry, hang or get the juice for this.

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Hey,is Transilvania located in Romania? That means be careful visiting this country.

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WHY is this SCUM still ABOVE ground ?

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Since the fall of the Soviet Communist Block, Romania fell into 3rd World Status and not necessarily a "Tourist Attraction". Several Travel Advisories were issued by the State Department regarding the potential threat to Tourist in Romania - Mainly Gangs, Thugs, Drug Lords and Serial Murderers. So, before anyone thinks about traveling to anywhere in the European Continent that is not in the "Euro Zone" check out the Travel Advisories from your Foreign Ministers Office or the U.S. State Department and for Gods Sake, don't travel to 3rd World Countries alone! These Japanese Travel Shows like "Ite Q" and "Blogin Tabi" make it look like traveling alone is fun, but those Japanese Celebs are going with a Camera Crew and Audio Team. Think before Traveling and also Read Up on the local customs and cultures.

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@Disillusioned: Stop victim blaming

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This man is disgusting, and it's in no way the womans fault, not even 1% how could it be? Anyway my point is the Japanese can be too 'Heiwa-boke', there should be some kind of realistic information on the dangers of naivety in these countries.

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News Alert! The man killed himself in the prison last night. It`s not clear if he was not " helped"

p.s : Saketown, about your issue, would you care to compare criminality rate in Romania ( 3rd world country) to a more civilized one like Japan for example? What about U.S.A ?

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