Toyota rugby club apologizes after players arrested on cocaine charges


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The "someone put it there" defense doesn't fly in Japan, Bro.

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Yeah this is Japan. Bow, act like you're sorry, and pick up your get-out-of-jail-free card

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Cocaine discovered in a wallet that is no longer in the man's possession? He denies the charge because yeah, there is plausible deniability there. But then later they bust into some other guy's place and bust him for cocaine? Why did they even suspect him?

Anyway, as the livestock property of Japan Inc. obviously they have no right to snort cocaine. (sarcasm)

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Why all the police interest in such tiny amounts of drug. These men are not dealers, they're not part of a cartel, but there is an antisocial gang in Japan that does traffic in larger amount of drugs but I don't see the police busting this organisation. If they did, That would send out a strong message

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Yeah, the police here like nice, easy small time busts.

@Norman, they obviously busted the Kiwi guy because the Japanese player (his team mate) ratted him out.

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Stewart, why would he rat him out if he is denying all knowledge?

It could turn out to be the other way round. If the cops can get the Kiwi player Stewart to admit he did cocaine with Kabashima. that would badly puncture Kabashima's story regarding the lost wallet.

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@Stewart Gale

Highly likely that the J-player folded and he named names but there is no excusing the stupidity of Yates for not doing a sweep. It is like a jewelery store getting the word that you are soon going to be robbed and not shutting the door.

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The Japanese guy denied all knowledge last week, according to the police.

It was about a week later the Kiwi guy got busted.

One week of contestant “interrogation” with no lawyer, shouting in his face and whatever else the cops can do behind closed doors, could easily have led to him starting to talk.

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I keep saying this, but keep reading the same stories about these idiots: stick to beer and whiskey NOT drugs! Are all rugby players stupid like these Toyota players?

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Yes, Gambare

You love alcohol and encourage everyone to become a heavy drinker, I know.

Probably not very good medical advice, however.

And, nothing bad ever happens due to alcohol consumption. No drink driving deaths, no public disorder, no domestic violence.....

To be fair too, I don’t think taking cocaine makes anyone a better person or improves their life.

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Stewart, the article says merely that "Kabashima has denied the charge". Unable to answer without further information, I had a look around the J press and found some indication that your suspicions could well be right. See paragraph below, where it mentions just that, and that Yates has basically admitted the charges.


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