Russian crew member arrested over boat collision that killed 3 Japanese


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Arrested by whom?

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Arrested by whom?

Japanese Coast Guard officers are able to effect arrests in cases like this (they basically take the function of police, and have to turn the suspect over to prosecutors in the same way).

The collision happened in Japanese territorial waters I believe, so Japanese authorities have jurisdiction over it the same way they would over offences commited on land.

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Watch for Japanese vessels and crew being “arrested” as a bargaining chip!

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Vladimir will be most displeased.

About 10 years ago, wasn't the captain of Chinese fishing boat arrested near the Senkakus for colliding with a Coast Guard boat? But then the Japanese government quickly knuckled under and dropped charges. Watch for something similar here.

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Is probably gonna be bargain chip for the Japanese fishing ship that got caught by Russia for claiming that it enter it's waters a week ago. Putin did say not long ago he want to talk about a peace deal. Let see him solve this one first.

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The timing of both incidents in the sea between Japan and Russia is too close, it makes people think is not a coincidence. Hopefully the incidents will not escalate anymore and they will be treated as normal problems between neighboring countries.

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Watch for Japanese vessels and crew being “arrested” as a bargaining chip!

Already happened, a Japanese vessel was seized by the Russian Coast Guard two days ago for supposedly violating Russia's EEZ.

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