Russian diplomat suspected in stolen SoftBank info case leaves Japan


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:) Nippon!

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Wait, let me get this right.

So, it is fine if a trade rep refuses to ignore a request from the Japanese police, and waltzes straight out of the country?

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Diplomats are under different laws and different rules. They are only subject to the laws of their home country. Exceptions can be made, but it must be an exception that the home country agrees to. There was a diplomat in New York several years ago that ran away after murdering someone. Under the agreements made between countries, a foreign country cannot try a diplomat without agreement by the home country. The wide scope of diplomatic immunity was agreed upon during the Vienna Convention and covers 180+ countries. You can force them to answer questions, stand trial, or even testify in a trial.

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Is it Kalnin or Kalinin? The latter, according to this article:

Quote:  The person Araki interacted with was Anton Kalinin, 52, a senior trade representative official who is believed to be a member of Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), which is descended from the former KGB. Kalinin is known as a “big fish” among Western intelligence agencies, according to the sources.

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Oh, and thanks, JJ Jetplane! (I guess you mean 'cannot' at the end.)

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Is he the reason WeWork failed?

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Yep, must be a mistake here. Kalinin is a regular Russian surname. Without that "i" it also sounds really inappropriate.

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