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Saitama policeman fired, charged for riding motorbike after drinking alcohol


A 29-year-old Saitama prefectural policeman from the Tokorozawa police station has been charged with riding his motorcycle while under the influence of alcohol.

Prefectural police said the officer had been dismissed and his case sent to prosecutors, TBS reported Saturday. According to investigators, on Aug 5, the officer consumed five 500 ml cans of chuhai alcohol while on duty at the police station.

He then rode his motorbike to a traffic stop about seven kilometers away, where he was on duty. However, another police officer noticed that he was still drinking and reported his behavior.

The officer was quoted by police as saying that he started drinking due to the stress of his job, TBS reported.

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What ? Cop on duty drinks 5 chuhai and rides his motorcycle to a traffic incident ? He was only caught because another cop saw him still drinking ?

This guy is a complete waste of space how did he even get past the entrance exam?

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and we always thought it was "tea" they were drinking in the Kobans...

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Wow. No time for a "sorry" just booted right out. About time when these jokers get caught red-handed, or should I say red-faced from alcohol.

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Saitama ... !!

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he started drinking due to the stress of his job, TBS reported.

Then QUIT! You're endangering the lives of people so you don't need to be a cop anyways!

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Tough luck.

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Finally some decent action ...a cop actually getting fired and not some feeble 5% cut in next month's pay

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The officer was quoted by police as saying that he started drinking due to the stress of his job, TBS reported.

Source of stress: Removed. Mission accomplished.

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You see!! Even Saitama has standards!!

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He will fight itin court and say he was drunk and did not know what he was doing.

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Ah, what you Japan be without the nutty cop stories.

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Lead by example, i say :P

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Saitama. DUI civil servant. "Stressed" J Cop.

A Hat Trick!

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I find this hard to believe that it made the papers.

In a population of 100 million plus, when does a guy who goes DUI (with no injury/accident). police or not, demand exposure in the press. Just don't get this. Surely there are more sordid stories somewhere.

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Ah, Saitama!

In any case this guy got canned, so to speak, not because he was under the influence but because he crossed the line even by Japan standards by just flagrantly opening up a can at an accident site and drinking away in front of other officers and who knows whom else. Had he just been drunk and caught for that and apologized later than he might have gotten off a little lighter. Glad he didn't, though. I wonder if he'll be less stressed out now and drink less.

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