SDF member arrested for punching girlfriend


Police in Tochigi have arrested a Self Defense Force member for assaulting a 30-year-old woman in a hotel.

According to police, 24-year-old Shota Shuto from Aichi Prefecture was arrested after he allegedly punched his girlfriend in the face at a hotel in Utsunomiya. TBS quoted police as saying that the prolonged attack lasted around 30 minutes from 1:30 a.m. on Saturday.

Shuto was quoted by police as saying he got angry after the woman kept questioning him about other women.

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Should have shown more respect to a jealous oneesan!

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two words, self control.

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The dude deserves punishment in type, daily, for a period of a few years, while incarcerated.

BTW, no mention of the condition of the hopefully EX-girlfriend?

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The title of this article is misleading at best! Anyone who suffers through 30 minutes of a beating will be lucky to be alive, and this is attempted murder at least. This is not a simple punch to the face!

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Domestic violence is a serious issue, and making light of a BEATING and just calling it a "punch to the face" is wrong and the folks who wrote this article should take a look inside themselves and feel ashamed for writing the article and title as such.

Moderator: The headline is fine. Nobody is making light of anything. Do not post this again.

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I'm sure this will be the last we hear from the military story. Did it even make TV news?

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Holy crap! He punched her for 30 minutes? She must have been terrified. Who called the police?

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Me gets the feeling that there is way much more to this story than what is written here, particularly after the all the posts that made it and that have been deleted, even though they were all on topic.

I it even true? Nothing in the JP press is there?

Moderator: Please do not bring your obsessions to the discussion board.

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What does the fact that he was SDF have any relationship to a jerk punching a woman?

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Wow! What a man he is! (NOT!) She probably only weighs 40 kilos wringing wet. Lets hope the flops gave him a good phone-booking back at the station. In Australia this offense can carry up to five years in jail. No doubt this but wad will get a suspended sentence (if he gets a sentence at all). The fact he is a JSDF member is quite relevant cos he would have been trained in self-defense and attack. Loser of the week award!

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She looked at the guy's cellphone while he was sleeping resulting in his rage according to the news. So is this why they're called "Self Defense" Forces?

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30 mins slapping ... lol maybe they were playing rock, paper, sciesssors gooooo !

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Should have been a real man and just walk away from the situation. I give no sympathy to him.

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No excuse for hitting her. But I've come close myself from girlfriends who didn't know when to stop nitpicking over and over and over. Fortunately I was raised well, and learned that great trait called 'self-restraint'. His parents share some of the blame here as we'll.

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sorry never an excuse to hit the girl, and to do it for 30 minutes? oh big man!

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love the wording... not "soldier", but "member".

2nd highest funded military in the world, yeah?

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Real men don't hit women - only cowards. And this creep's job was to "defend" Japan! I hope the poor victim is ok, and that this grub is dealt with.

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What a piece of scum he is. Creep deserves to be pummelled himself. I hope the woman makes a full recovery (she must be covered in bruises and maybe even cuts) and doesn't believe that all men will react like that.

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This guy is a disgrace to the men in uniform, shame on you buddy.

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I feel sorry for this woman, but she also should be learning a good lesson and find a better man, not a young fool like this who thinks he can get away with violence. I hope they throw the book at him! Idiot!

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