Secretary of senior vice minister arrested for running over man


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Kawaguchi has admitted his role in the accident

At least it appears this was not a hit and run case, by the latest news about the members of the government it is a nice surprise he stayed to take responsibility for the accident.

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Anyone can have an accident…(although he SHOULDN’T have).

He fessed up to it…this is a non-news event.

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Anyone can have an accident…(although he SHOULDN’T have).

Why? Why shouldnt he have had one? What makes him special or immune from accidents.

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...arrested for running over man suspected of hitting

Did he "run over", or "hit " him with his car? There is a big difference. The former typically causes death.

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Using zebra crossings in Japan, which I'm assuming a crosswalk is in this case, is literally dicing with death.

Let me guess, you didnt bother with actually reading the article, which clearly states that it was a "crosswalk" so there is nothing for you to assume here.

a 72-year-old self-employed man who was crossing a crosswalk

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