Security firm links cyber spy campaign to Chinese hacker


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so what action japan will take against chinese cyber spy and if Trend Micro's claim is backed by Indian IT experts as well?

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You are rewarded in China for "learning" secrets from the West.

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China will just deny any involvement. Don't you know that China has very high and ethical business standards and would not even consider corrupt, dangerous, stealing, using patented or copyright material in their pursuit of profits, profits, profits...

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His name is Gu Kaiyuan and is a current employee of Tencent

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Is there any way for a regualr person to track a virus that is sent to your computer? When I say "track" I mean an actual address that includes a country, state, city, etc.

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I ask because I am not good with computers and have trouble with my computer receiving malware from seemingly out of nowhere.

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Cyber spies compromised 233 computers, usually by tricking users into opening links or files booby-trapped with malicious software crafted to let hackers continually loot information, the security company said.

I learned way back in the day in "Computing 101" that in almost every case the worst thing you could possibly do when confronted with an unfamiliar or suspicious link/file is to click on it. These people must have not been paying attention when that was being explained to them.

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Just follow the money. Who would pay the hacker(s) for such types of info? A hacker wouldn't risk being the fall guy against powerful entities for free. And either they're hiring obviously stupid fall guys or it's a sloppy hacker to be traced back to where it's obvious.

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This is not the first time that the Chinese government as been accused of sponsoring hackers. The U.S. has been saying the same thing for over a decade.

The difference is that the Chinese government PAYS for acquired industrial and government secrets and information. They don't ask the hackers how they got this information. They don't operate like America's CIA or NSA and form teams of cyber-security experts. What they do is pay out cash rewards to those people who give them relevant information.

Thus China can clearly and honestly say that the Chinese government does not support any government program, department, or unit that is responsible for computer crimes.

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