Senegalese denies involvement in Japan Olympic chief scandal


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Because there has never been any bribery when it comes to the Olympics. Or the World Cup, for that matter!

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"well he would, wouldn't he" (with a bow to Mandy Rice-Davies)

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"Mr Takeda has never discussed such things with my father, never discussed anything like that with anybody that I know"

He wouldn't have had to discuss it.

Just making the bribery payment alone would be plenty enough of a "discussion."

That is, if he's guilty, of course.

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It wouldn’t be surprising if the investigation proved Japan’s bribing to influence for the 2020 Olympic.

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I for one believe the man. It's pure coincidence that after a 2.8 million Singapore dollars payment was made by the Tokyo Games' bid committee to Singaporean consultancy firm Black Tidings in 2013, that almost magically Tokyo was handed the win. Pure coincidence.

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