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Senior Finance Ministry official arrested for alleged assault on train


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Senior Finance Ministry official arrested for alleged assault on train

He assaulted the train?

He was drunk and doesn’t remember. That should be his offense and not his defense.

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I assume that he will be held for 23 days and denied access to a lawyer, forced to confess, indicted, denied bail. Lets see what Japans useless judges do in the next 48 - 72 hours.

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Drunk “early Friday? - After 12:00am on the way home or after 7am on the morning commute?

Either way, not in a cognizant state to attend to Finance Ministry matters.

“Heihachiro Ono, 56yo dep vice minister for policy planning & coordination, was drunk when he allegedly assaulted the passenger early Fri and denies having any recollection of the incident, the sources said.” -

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What else could he do than severely getting drunk when daily seeing all the mess in the fields he is working in, policy making, bureaucracy, financial planning, budgeting and such? That’s of course very normal, but the aggressive and violent behavior he then showed, that is not. It is of course avoidable and needs excusing and bearing consequences.

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So long career. All it take is one night of heavy drinking. People really need to stop it with this kind of excessive drinking. This is why i hate those night out drinking parties with colleagues.

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"Heavily intoxicated" according to NHK News.

Early retirement! (beginning tomorrow...)

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Hey-Hachiro cut it out

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And people like this is exactly why Japan is in the state it’s in. Drunken idiots making national decisions drunk.

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Just because he has power and some rank he feels under the influence of alcohol he can treat a citizen any way he likes. Ok blame it on the alcohol but still he needs to lose his position as "Senior" and get demoted to a "Junior" rank!

A senior Japanese Finance Ministry official was arrested Friday for allegedly beating and kicking a fellow passenger on a moving train in Tokyo, investigative sources said.

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Another "I was drunk and don't remember" authority figure. Maybe they should ban drinking on all forms of transport. Seems this happens often. And let me guess, "confirming the facts" will entail passing a thick envelope to the person who was beaten, asking him to "not recall" things as well. Or, if he insists, they'll recognize the guilt of the man who beat him, but not find him guilty, say that he has expressed remorse despite not recalling it, and that they will be transparent about it going forward.

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Another entitled oyaji thinking he is above the law. Thankfully he got his comeuppance!

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Ahhh! The classic "I was drunk" defense.

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Sadly, as a Foreigner, I would have liked to have decked the guy, but had I done so, I'd instantly become persona non gratis here... such as the way, ACTUALLY, is....

Unfortunately, it is limited to what you can do here without avoiding arrest yourself. Here, I would have just cover myself until the police or security arrive, but that's Japan.

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I doubt he drank that much as well. People here reach that stage much earlier…only about after the third pint.

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Beating and kicking a fellow passenger but no injuries were sustained.

What was his motive ?

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