Serial car tire vandal arrested in Saitama


Police said Friday they have arrested a suspect in Konosu, Saitama Prefecture, suspected of puncturing an estimated 15 car tires since December of last year.

According to police, Hiromi Horiguchi, 52, was arrested in a car park on Thursday at around 6:20 p.m. while puncturing car tires with an ice pick. TV Asahi reported that police were waiting in the area, having noticed that most of the incidents were carried out on a Thursday.

Horiguchi was quoted by police as saying, "I was in a bad mood, so I punctured tires. I've done it a few times before."

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the punishment is easy, work out how much its going to cost to buy new tyres for all of these cars and give him the bill, also add on court costs, compansation for distrees/agro that he has caused, and then a fine on top, that should make him think about it before he does it again

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He or she? I wonder if this piece of sh!t ever got his jollies in Chiba, too. The number of repairs that I had to make...

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lol...look at the nonchalant way that these crazies respond

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Another nutter with a loose grip on reality. A few years ago I caught a nut running around with a BB rifle hidden under a coat on his arm shooting at cars , cats other dogs and people while he was walking his dog. He fired a couple across the park at me and my kids, which bounced across the road in front of us.. I chased him down and he stood their with the BB rifle in his hands flatly denying he was shooting it. So, i took his photo, wrestled it of him and smashed it on the ground. I never had any more trouble with him. There was no point in calling the cops cos I would have been the one in trouble.

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At least this loon was puncturing tires and not people.

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Not cool. A friend of mine had this happen to her. She's a tiny Japanese girl and doesn't have the vaguest clue how to change a tyre. She called me up at 2am (she knows I'm a night owl) and I drove out to help her, but she was stuck in a not so great neighbourhood for an hour, anything could have happened to her.

A fine and cost of replacement just doesn't cut it. I think however that denying this individual access to public transport and a driving license for a year would just about fit the crime. If he doesn't like tyres then he can live life without them for a year.

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Once again another case where the Japanese Police aways find their criminal. Good Job !!

10Y Man is in Prison for a year, so I feel this person should get 1000 years since his crime is much worse since people could have been hurt driving on defective tires.

Saitama + Asteroid (the big one) + Russian Asteroid/Meteor/Meteorite are a bad combination.

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A country where a tires puncturing guy gets newspaper headline just comforts me that Japan is a very very safe country. Thumb up Japan!

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"Most of the incidents were carried out on ( Thursdays )

"I was in a bad mood, so I punctured tires"

So he's in a bad mood mostly on Thursdays. Hmm...

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Don't tyres explode in your face when you puncture them? It's only that fear that's stopped me doing the neighbours in the past....

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I think he will be in a bad mood in jail also.

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He won't go to jail Vernie. He will get a fine and maybe a bit of retribution money, but he will be back out every Thursday trying a new way of expressing his anger. He has confessed and shown regret for his actions. Case closed! (Till next time)

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My student had two tires punctured about a month ago. I wonder if it was that nut who did it? He lives on the Saitama border. Got to tell him about it tomorrow.

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"Horiguchi was quoted by police as saying, “I was in a bad mood, so I punctured tires. I’ve done it a few times before.”

These sort of people escalate their crimes as they go on. Lucky to get him off the streets before he does any more harm.

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I would have hated having a punctured tire especially since I always leave for an appointment at the last minute.

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Saitama crimes are getting tamer. and what kind of loser goes around damaging cars like this? similar to the trend of keying cars in UK......

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His cousin works at a Tire repair shop.

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I suppose it's only newsworthy as he is 52. If he just damaged the tyre though it could of been fatal. Some punk kids damaged a woman's tyre a few years back in the UK instead of puncturing it, tyre blew at 70mph, she lost control bye, bye.

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starts with tires then moves on to people.

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