Death penalty sought for serial murder suspect


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P. Smith - His defense team is on the correct track if all the victims had consented

That is the only track they have. He should have been trying to talk them out of suicide, not obliging them.

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Good. Let’s see if he’s as calm about it when he’s being led to the choke room.

Bet he won’t be!

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sigh I don't know why I read these types of articles first thing in the morning...

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What was his excuse for murdering the man, who was looking for one of the victims? He admitted that he did this for sex, with three victims still in high school. He’s a ghoul, let him drop.

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To point the obvious: never go to stranger’s house you meet on the Internet who tells they will help you die!!!

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He is in fact a serial rapist. That was his only motivation and he deserve to hang for that if that is what the law prescribed. The man he killed was looking for one of the victims.

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even they wanted to die they didn't ask for sex with him (rape) death penalty is the only right thing in this case.

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Why should we believe him now?

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Yes, that’s easy (and of course right) to hang him and silence is reinstated, but that’s all only surface scratching. The society has to ask itself how it ever can come, that someone does mass crimes such easily and also many people are easily ready to suicide or self-sacrifice. Such killers are obviously only an indicator, a ‘litmus test’ if you want.

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Homicide with consent!? How about stealing with consent or sexual assault with consent!?

A: Would you kill me?

B: Only if you ask me to.

And this was supposed to have happened 9 times?

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I feel like I'm going to throw up my lunch after reading that.

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My sympathies for the lay jurors who were chosen to participate in the reviewing of the evidence and now for the determination of the sentence. Since the institution of the lay jury system, many Japanese lay jurors have been traumatized by the evidence they were forced to review, including graphic crime photos and autopsy pictures. And now they are being tasked to advise whether another human being lives or dies. For people who have been sheltered from harsh realities, this can really overwhelm them.

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But this guy is asking for capital punishment.

Let him rot instead.

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The death penalty needs to be abolished in Japan.

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Death penalty needs to be abolished so that it can not be used as a way to commit suicide. This guy has "helped" 9 people commit suicide and now he is asking the government to help him. I recall a few mass murderers in Japan using this method of suicide by death penalty.

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Death penalty sought BY serial murder suspect

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