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Several shots fired at van with gangsters


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Gangsters? I thought it was illegal to be part of a crime gang in Japan. Why weren't they arrested? (sarcasm)

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I don't think the full story is being told here. Let's wait for more information.

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Occupational hazard....

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Yak attack

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Boys with their toys.

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Chiba Prefecture has an impression that there are many crimes?

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Several gangster members were in the vehicle

Did they exchange their business cards with police or how police knows that they are gangsters? And why they didn't arrest them?

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sir_bentley28, good luck on that.

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Poor hospital staff. I can imagine the unenviable scene. "Oh, Jeez, here we go!"

The hospital has to tell the police by law, but the gang members are surrounding and intimidating the staff not to do so...

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The word van makes me imagine Betty Boop or Taz airbrushed on it and big fins sticking out. Tricked out vans seem to be a specialty of the Kanto outer burbs--enjoyed seeing owners parading them in backwater Yamanashii on a long ago visit. I suppose gangs use undecorated rides though--no YAK LIFE vanity plates even.

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Probably the Shin-Shin-Yamaguchi gumi attacking the Shin-Yamaguchi gumi for hitting the Yamaguchi gumi.

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Gangsters? I thought it was illegal to be part of a crime gang in Japan. Why weren't they arrested? (sarcasm)

Being in a gangster is illegal in Japan... as is illegal in most parts of the World to be part of a Mafia or criminal organization.... but apparently making it illegal does not eliminate the criminal organization. Is so bizarre (better sarcasm)

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What? Gangsters doing illegal things, such as even being a gang member? I'm shocked! And another person ignored the law prohibiting owning/possessing a handgun, and the other law prohibiting attempted murder? It's almost as if the laws fail to deter the criminal acts! Shocked! Shocked, I say!

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Well... that's evil After years now the first serious mob activity I hear about.

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After years now the first serious mob activity I hear about.

English media don't report yakuza crimes frequently. About 4-5 executives were killed after the Yamaguchi-gumi split in Sept 2015. Yoichi Hasegawa and Tatsuyuki Hishida were important organizers of the Kobe Yamaguchi-gumi and murdered just after formation.

Next targeted were Ikeda-gumi bosses for their support of Kobe Yamaguch-gumi. This led to the murder cases of Tadashi Takagi and Tatsuo Saiki last summer.

Yakuza don't want more enemies. In times of conflict, attacking rivals finance to send messages is much more common way than violence.

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