Sewing needles found in bread in supermarket in Shizuoka


Police in Shizuoka City said Wednesday that sewing needles nearly five centimeters in length were found inserted in bread rolls at a supermarket.

The needles were found in five bread rolls delivered from a major distributor on Tuesday at around 6:30 a.m., TV Asahi reported. A 56-year-old woman who had bought the bread noticed the needle in a roll before eating it and notified the store.

Police said they are examining store surveillance camera footage to see if someone inserted the needles into the bread while it was on the shelf. They are also investigating the bakery and distributor.

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What is the BRAND / Manufacture of the bread ??? i It will h help the consumer be alert when purchasisng the product. . Why withhold the name ?

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The name would be withheld because they have not established whether it was the bakery, distributor, or just some crazy vandal. It would cause damage to the brand that may have nothing to do with the brand.

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Could this be related to the sewing needles found inside Conbini bread a while back?

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The nutritional value probably quadrupled!

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whoahhh scary

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Although I understand why the brand name cannot be mentioned (until it is either "convicted" or "cleared") I'll have to admit it's a bit scary since we eat rolls every morning for breakfast... We'll just have to be ultra "observant" from now on...

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Sometimes the needles are part of an extortion attempt.

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Now we gotta put some cameras on bread section

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Every couple of months this happens and one would expect it to be a teenage prank, but it's usually some nutcase with a grudge.

5 ( +6 / -1 )

Sickening. Make the person that did this eat the bread himself. It could be any person that buys that fateful bun... It could be a person buying it for their child who just got out of could be anyone really. That is the sickest part, it's an attack on EVERYONE.

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Damn idiot /s.

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I dont want to imagine... scary !

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Oh no my wife's mom lives in Shizuoka I better let her know!!! What sickoo's!!!

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I'm with CrazyJoe on this one. Did she ask for compensation? Does she have a record of "attention-getting" behavior?

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There are some sick people out there.

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