Shoe sniffer admits sexual kicks motivated theft spree


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Ok, I now feel pretty sick after reading this.

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This is one seriously messed up individual.

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"You say you want socks with your shoes!?  Three dollars!  No shoes for you!!  You go to jail one year!"


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So from Shoe Sniff he'll graduates to Butt Sniffing just like dogs do, So watch yourselves when your outside. Your Butt may be his next target.

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Are you suggesting that shoes are the gateway drug to butts?

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Bloody pheromones!

I know quite a few women (and a few blokes) who don't mind/like bad b.o, smelly dreadlocks etc (I don't).

The -imo- really weird thing here is that it's not men or women specific. Would be interesting to know if he's bisexual or if it's just a weird fetish//fantasy ( I mean sniffing both men/women shoes).

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I can never understand the thing with foot fettish, legs, butt , breasts, hair, arms, etc almost every other part of the female body, I myself while not calling it a fettish find a nice long set of athletic legs on a women very appealing, but feet by themselves!!?

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Holy smokes! Thought I had heard it all. This is right up there with the folks who lick toads to get high

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Beerdeliveryguy : what I'm saying is from one bad habit he 'll escalate to another bad habit, so watch your butt.

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I've been here for at least 15 years and either I'm ignorant or can't read between the lines, but I really can't understand this behavior. I thought sniffing bicycle seats was totally mental, but I've never heard of this one.

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This site has a pic of the shoes found at his place:

108 pairs of sneakers

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He needs to be brought to heel (actually, he'd probably like that).

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he must be related to this guy xD:

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This site has a pic of the shoes found at his place:

108 pairs of sneakers

because sneakers have the more pungent smells than pumps or heels.

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Childhood trauma

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Shoe collecting/sniffing is a very common type of fetish (perversion?) and seems to be in most countries. Bicycle seat fetishism is also commion and the devotees are known as "Gafoofala's" or "Poons". They seem to be held in a cerstain amount of contempt by other "serious" fetishists such as womens underwear thieves/collectors, coprophiliacs and necrophiliacs.

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Who remembers the girl from the movie Porkies who had a thing for the smell of gym lockers? Flashbacks much! Ha! Ha!

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Stealing ... yeah, that's a crime for which the price must be paid.

But a foot fetish, one of the less dangerous fetishes I suppose. 

Couldn't help but to think of this funny antithesis ...

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I appreciate the man's honesty. It's a nice change from the usual "I did it to relieve stress" or "I was drunk and have no memory of the events".

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This sort of fetish is quite common. Not my cup of tea, but not disgusting or 'messed up' as some judgmental commentators have said. We all have our own peculiar quirks and fetishes, why sneer at others for having their own.

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Yeah I find feet gross. But some things I like others would find gross. To each their own. Humans are triggered by smells so it doesn’t seem weird to me that someone would have sexual reactions to give smells.

But this guy is a thief. That’s the problem.

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